ONE LUCKY PUNTER has finally scooped the jackpot in DMTV's hit quiz 'Who Wants to Win a Pound'.

But DMTV's main competitor, The Road Surfacing Channel, is accusing the channel of deliberately 'dumbing down' the questions in order to engineer a winner, thereby fending off competition from the final episode of its popular sitcom 'One Foot in the Tarmac'.

DMTV, however, maintains the questions were of the usual standard. The question that saw the winner hit the £1 jackpot was: who is the odd one out? Paul McCartney/John Lennon/George Harrison/Bruno Brookes?

The winner, a Lady Melbury-Cosgrove-James of Houghton Manor, is said to be "delighted", and intends spending her winnings on a new mudflap for her chauffeur-driven Bentley.