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A selection of classic Des and Mick covers from down the years: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1999; and then in 2000, at last a new look - and COLOUR!!!


Yes, it's true. It's all down to Des and Mick that I passed my GCSE English course.

The characters of Mick Woolley and Des Wednesday were created on 11 September 1991 in an exercise book at secondary school, purely for one piece of English creative writing. The story was called simply 'Des and Mick', in which Mick finds himself sacked from his office job, and so he and his neighbour Des embark on an epic journey around Britain, but don't actually get very far. It received a maximum 20 out of 20 mark, and I later chose it to be included as part of my English coursework. But that was only the beginning.

I realised that there was plenty more scope in the characters I had created, in fact there was a potentially infinite number of situations they could find themselves in, so I decided to continue writing stories, just for fun. That original story was retitled 'Around the UK with Des and Mick', and it, along with eight further stories, formed the first volume of 'The Chronicles of Des and Mick', which was completed in February 1992.

Looking back at the early stories from the first three or four volumes, they do appear remarkably free of any plotlines, and also very short, some lasting as little as three pages. But by volume five in mid 1993, the basic structure had become established and the characters had become greater developed. The original duo were now joined in virtually every story by their acquaintances Clive, Wayne, Mrs Greasy and Farmer Files (each of whom had only been introduced for a particular purpose in one story, and gradually made more and more regular appearances) and the 'gang' element was established.

More recently, the familiar group of characters have been joined by Aunty Phyllis, Mike the Manic Mechanic, Dickie the Vicar and Dave Presley. Stories now last between seven and ten pages, although individual volumes appear less often (from three per year in 1992 to just one new volume in 1998, and two in 1999). However it is the more recent stories that have the strongest plotlines and best ideas. Well I think so, anyway.

'The Chronicles of Des and Mick' have now been going for over eight years. Famous last words, but they appear set to carry on well into the next millennium. Crikey, what a thought...

And don't forget, old jokes never die - there's always a home for them in 'Des and Mick'.

Click here to read the first ever Des and Mick story from 1991 (revised 1996)


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