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A listing of every Des and Mick story ever written, volume-by-volume. Stories are available to read except for those highlighted in grey. As a general rule, the later stories are better than the earlier ones!

E-books: volumes 8 to 28 are available complete as PDF files - to download click on the volume title or cover image.

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Volume 1
February 1992

Around the UK with Des and Mick - the duo attempt to embark on an epic journey
Des and Mick are Bored - a story in which nothing happens
Des and Mick Visit the TV studio - the duo cause havoc at the local television station
Des and Mick Move House - the duo move from Chelmsford to Caterham
Des and Mick FM - the duo start a radio station
Des and Mick and Des's Pet Slug - Des gets himself a new pet
Des Gets Sucked Up By Mick's Hoover - Des has a bizarre experience
Aunty Phyllis Wednesday Comes to Visit - Des's fussy aunt pays a visit
Des and Mick Appear on a Game Show - Des attempts to win a fortune on television

Volume 2
September 1992

A Miscellaneous Des and Mick Story in Which Several Things Happen - Des receives a   mysterious package, then they visit the zoo and go back to school
Des and Mick Go on Holiday - the duo visit Bognor to get away from their neighbours
Des and Mick Visit a Foreign Country - the duo go on a day trip to France
Des and Mick Destroy It Themselves (With Help From Clive) - Des attempts to put a bookcase   up
Des and Mick's Chocolate Biscuit Shop - the duo open a shop, with little success
Des and Mick Attempt to Solve a Crime - the gang try to catch a murderer
Des and Mick's Garden Party - the duo invite the Queen to a garden party
Des Stands for Parliament - Des campaigns to become an MP
Mick's Surprise Birthday Party - Des decides to hold a party for Mick

Volume 3
December 1992

Des and Mick's Fundraising Event - the gang hold a sponsored walk
Des Buys a Computer - Des buys a computer to count his money with
Spooky Goings On with Des and Mick - the gang hold a seance at Mrs Greasy's cafe
Des Makes a Film - Des moves into the movie business with 'There's a Giant Gerbil Loose in   Caterham'
Des Becomes an International Superstar (Well Not Quite) - Des becomes a celebrity
Des and Mick Go to a Cookery Class and then Enjoy a Bad Weather Night -  the duo
  learn to cook

Des Gets Accused of Murder - Des is prime suspect in a murder case
Des and Mick Go Trainspotting and then Look for the Loch Ness Monster -  the gang
  visit Scotland
Christmas with Des and Mick - the gang hold a fancy dress party for Christmas

Volume 4
March 1993

Des Redevelops His Garden - Des gives his garden a makeover
The Village Idiot Comes to Visit Des and Mick - the duo receive a strange visitor
Des Dies - Des passes away - or does he?
Des and Mick in the Snow - the gang assist the community during a cold spell
Desmond Hood and His Merry Men - back to the Middle Ages
Des and Mick Move House Again and then Des Plays a Joke on Mick - the gang move from   Caterham to Tolworth
Des and Mick Get Trapped in the Bank of England - Des and Mick find themselves accidentally   locked in a bank vault
Des Becomes a Magician - the gang put on a magic show
Des and Mick's M25 Race - the gang hold a race round the motorway

Volume 5
June 1993

Farmer Files Holds an Open Day - the gang have a boring time at Farmer Files's Open Day
Des Gets Fit - Mick and Clive decide it's time Des got fit
Des Takes the Television Apart - Des tries to upgrade his television and in doing so
  uncovers an alien invasion plot!
Des Employs a Housekeeper - Mrs Greasy gives herself the job as Des's housekeeper
Mick's Long-Lost Nephew Comes to Visit - Mick's computer game-obsessed nephew visits
Des and Mick Organise the Tolworth Fete - the gang cause havoc at a local fete
Des and the Chocolate Biscuit Competition - Des invents a superb new biscuit recipe
Des and Mick Stand In For Mrs Greasy - the duo look after the cafe while Mrs Greasy's on   holiday
The Des and Mick Roadshow - the gang decide to take their show on the road

Volume 6
October 1993

Des Joins the Police Force - Des becomes a PC in order to get Clive arrested
The Slug Chapter- the gang hold a slug race
Des Teaches Mick to Drive - Mick has a driving lesson on Files's farm
A New Concept in Des and Mick Stories/Des and Mick Attempt to Walk from Land End to   John O'Groats - in this story you, yes you, get to choose what happens next!
The Des and Mick News - the gang set up a newspaper
Des and Mick Investigate Corn Circles - the gang investigate unexplained phenomena in   Wiltshire
Des Becomes a Teacher - Des gets himself a job as a supply teacher at the local school
Des and Mick Go On a Cruise - the duo win a trip on a cruise ship that isn't what it seems
Challenge Des and Mick - the gang are challenged to build a restaurant in two days

Volume 7
June 1994

Des Goes Green - Des becomes environmentally aware
Des and Mick Go to an Auction - Des sells his painting to an auction house and then tries to bid   for it back
Des and Mick Go to the Seaside - the gang get stuck in a massive traffic jam
A Voyage to Who Knows Where - Captain Wednesday and his shipmates set sail on the Merry   Tolworth
Des's Big Role - Des gets himself a bit part on a period drama
Phyllis Moves In - Des's aunt moves into the street
The Search for Mr Greasy - Mrs Greasy goes on a search to find her long-lost husband
A Trip to London - the gang go sightseeing
Phyllis Gets Married - Aunty Phyllis gets married to train enthusiast Ralph

Volume 8 418kb
November 1994

The Train Strike - the gang play a joke on Ralph by inventing a bogus train strike
Des in Hospital - Des falls off his roof while adjusting his aerial
Des and Mick's Charity Disco - the gang hold a disco to raise funds to help fix the church roof
Competition for Mrs Greasy - a rival cafe opens opposite Mrs Greasy
The Haunted House - the gang spend Hallowe'en night in a ghost-infested house
Des is Burgled - when Des's priceless painting is stolen, he decides to make his house more secure
Des and Mick Go Back to Basics - the gang spend a week without electricity
Des and Mick in the Heat - the gang visit the seaside
The Luxury Villa in Portugal - the gang's holiday in Portugal is ruined by Farmer Files's pigs

Volume 9 423kb
May 1995

Baked Beans, the Van and the Metal Detector - Des buys an old van, and finds a metal   detector in the back
Des and Mick Put Tolworth on the Map - the gang make a promotional video for Tolworth
Des and Mick Keep Guard on the Porkers - the duo look after the pigs while Farmer Files
  is away
Des's Supersonic Car - Des tries to break the land speed record in his Fiat 126
Des the Artist - Des tries painting
Des Redecorates - Des causes chaos redecorating his house
The Camping Trip - the gang go on a disastrous camping holiday
The Trans-London Race - the gang hold a madcap race from one side of London
  to the other
Des and Mick at Christmas - the gang inadvertantly give Father Christmas a cold

Volume 10 409kb
November 1995

The Doug Whitehouse Enigma - the gang try to find Doug a job
Des the Poet - Des starts talking constantly in rhyme
Des and Mick Neighbourhood Watch - the gang try to fight a crime wave
The Tolworth Festival - the gang get themselves a float in the procession
Chocolate Biscuit Man - Des becomes a superhero
The Double Birthday Party - two birthday parties are organised for Wayne and Phyllis - on the
  same day
Des's Spending Spree - Des has been left half a million pounds which he must spend in one day
Des's Sleepless Night - Des can't get to sleep
Des and Mick's European Tour - the gang go on a touring holiday

Volume 11 429kb
July 1996

Des and Mick's New Neighbour - an Elvis impersonator moves into the street
Des's Old School Reunion - Des meets up with his old school friends
Des Finally Gets on the Council - Des gets voted onto the council, but soon finds himself  involved   in a plan to demolish his own house
The Fashion Show - the new vicar proves to be the unlikely star of the gang's fashion show
Des and the Talking Teddy Bears - Des is mistakenly delivered 200 broken talking bears
The Football Match - the gang hold a football match - and Des has a secret weapon
Des Is Ill - Des catches the flu
The Bizarre Bet - Des invents a scheme involving Elvis, a UFO and the Loch Ness  monster
Des's Christmas Carol - Des dreams that he is Deseneezer Scrooge

Volume 12 438kb
December 1996

A Celebration - for the 100th story, Des and Mick remember their favourite moments so far
Lord Wednesday of Doddington - Des discovers he has inherited a title and a mansion
Des Gets Funky - Des tries to get more 'with it'
The Statue - the gang clean Phyllis's precious statue
There's a Moose Loose Aboot the Hoose! - Des is terrified by a mouse that has infiltrated his   house
The Canal Boat - the gang take to a canal in Des's latest purchase
Des Goes on a Diet - Mick and Clive decide Des isn't eating healthily enough
Des Is Abducted By Aliens - the gang use a flying Mini Clubman to rescue Des from a UFO
Des and Mick's Panto - the gang celebrate Christmas by putting on their own pantomime

Volume 13 432kb
June 1997

The Chronicles of Dickie and Mike - Dickie and Mike usurp Des and Mick from their own  stories!
Des Receives a Valentines Card - Des investigates who sent him a Valentines card
Des and Mick at Easter - the gang set up an Easter Egg hunt for the local kids
Wayne and Mike's Pop Group - Des tries to join Wayne and Mike's noisy band
Des Sings for Eurovision - Des is chosen to represent the UK at Eurovision
Des and Mick Go Banger Racing - Mike sets up a banger racing circuit at Files's farm
The Farmer Files - aliens land on Files's farm while he is making a film
The Car Boot Sale - the gang hold a car boot sale so Des can sell his painting
Des and Mick Attempt to Run the London Marathon - Clive enters the others into the
  London marathon

Volume 14 463kb
June 1998

Goodbye to Ralph - Phyllis throws her husband Ralph out
Des Moves into the Nineties - Des modernises his house with the latest technology
Des and Mick Go Ballooning - Des and Mick borrow no ordinary hot air balloon
Elvis is a Dangerous Man - Dave Presley is arrested
Clive's Brother Comes to Visit - Clive's more successful brother arrives in the area
Des and Mick Babysit - the gang have to babysit Phyllis's great grand-nephew
Des and Mick's Holiday at Home - Des simulates a foreign holiday in his house
Files Builds an Extension - the gang are unhappy about building an extension to Files's pigsty
Des and Mick's Seventies Revival - the gang put on a show dedicated to their favourite 70s

Volume 15 527kb
February 1999

Des and Mick's Countryside Tours - Des tries to encourage people to visit the countryside
Wayne and Clive Join the Club - Clive is finally allowed to join the golf club
Des and Mick Go Birdwatching - the gang go in search of a rare bird
Des and Mick Go Caravanning - the gang have an eventful holiday in Des's decrepit caravan
Des Sees the Future - Des is having premonitions of the future and the gang cash in on this
The Docu-soap - the gang film a documentary about their lives
The Chocolate Biscuit Famine - Des goes in search of chocolate biscuits
Des and Mick Go Skiing - the gang visit a ski resort in France
There Really Is a Giant Gerbil on the Loose! - the gang have to avert a national disaster

Volume 16 531kb
November 1999

The Total Eclipse - the gang travel to Cornwall to witness the total eclipse of the sun
Des's Comet - Des discovers a new comet
Men on Mars - Des and Mick aim to be the first men on Mars
DMTV - the gang start a television channel
The Comedians - Des and Mick can't stop telling jokes
Des and Mick Go Bell Ringing - the gang try campanology
Des and Mick Go Down Under - the gang visit Australia
Des Turns 50 - Des asks everyone to ignore his birthday - so they do
The Millennium Party - the gang celebrate the start of the new millennium - or is it?

Volume 17 681kb
April 2000

Des and Mick 2000 - the gang visit the Millennium Dome and London Eye
The Des Wednesday Fan Club - two lunatics have started up a fan club for Des
Des and Mick Lose the Baby - the duo lose Phyllis's great grand-nephew on a shopping trip
The Laughing Pig - Farmer Files takes over the local pub
The Celebrity Bus - Des starts a bus service that will only accept celebrities
RoboDes - Des gets himself a robot to do the household chores, but it quickly rebels
Mrs Greasy's Parrot - Mrs Greasy's new pet causes plenty of trouble
Wayne is Cloned - chaos ensues when Wayne becomes the world's first human clone
The Des and Mick Years - episodes from Des and Mick's life

Volume 18 682kb
December 2000

The Bodyguard - Des employs a bodyguard when he feels under threat from Wayne's clone
The Birthday Bear - Mike buys Mrs Greasy a stuffed bear for her birthday
Des and Mick's Summer Holiday - the gang stay at a holiday camp run by Files
The Petrol Crisis - the gang cope with a petrol shortage
Mrs Greasy - the Best Cook in Britain?! - Mrs Greasy is set to win a national cookery 
Des and Mick Meet the Teletubbies - the gang inadvertantly stumble upon Teletubbyland
Des and Mick Become Lighthouse Keepers - the duo run Uncle Barnacle's lighthouse for a   weekend
The Vintage Car Run - the gang enter the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run in a settee on
Christmas at Des's House - Mrs Greasy and Dickie the Vicar conspire to ruin the gang's Christmas

Volume 19 681kb
December 2001

Des Wishes It Could Be Christmas Every Day - Des decides to celebrate Christmas every day of   the year
PIGWorld - the gang visit Farmer Files's new theme park
Mrs Greasy's Lodger - Part 1 - Dave Presley and his brother Don take lodgings at the cafe
Mrs Greasy's Lodger - Part 2 - some bloke called Lionel takes lodgings
The Singing Vicar - Dickie the Vicar records a pop single
Des and Mick Celebrate St George's Day - the gang re-enact the St George and the Dragon   story
Des and Mick's All-day Bingo - the duo take over the church hall to hold some bingo sessions
Passport to Des's House - Des declares his house to be an independent state
Des and Mick Go on Holiday Again - the gang are initially impressed by the holiday home Des
  has chosen

Volume 20 742kb
October 2002

Des and Mick Celebrate The Golden Jubilee - the gang hold a street party
Des's Family Tree - Des discovers about some of his fascinating descendants
Des - The Fastest Milkman in the West - Des buys himself a milk float, and tries to make it go
Des and Mick Become Lollipop Ladies - the duo get embroiled in Mrs Greasy's latest bizarre   scheme
The Panda That Wouldn't Go Away - Des wins a panda bear in a raffle that he doesn't want
The Fancy Dress Party - the cops and robbers theme spells trouble for the gang
Mrs Greasy Takes Up Hypnotism - Mrs Greasy tries hypnotising her customers
Des and Mick Sell Hot Cakes - Des, Mick and Wayne set up a market stall
The End of the World - the world is about to suffer a catastrophic asteroid hit

Volume 21 722kb
March 2003

Where's Des's Car? - Des goes on a quest to find his car that he inadvertantly sold
Des Goes Deep Sea Diving But Not That Deep - Des goes diving in the River Thames to rescue
  a rare record
PIGrail - the gang travel on Farmer Files's new train service
Mike and Wayne's Antique Emporium - Mike and Wayne embark on a new venture
Disco Wars - Mrs Greasy begins running discos in competition with Dickie
Tony Blackburn's Jumper Emporium - Des opens a shop to rid himself of some jumpers he   doesn't want
White Christmas - Des has a plan to guarantee a white Christmas
Under Threat - Mrs Greasy's cafe faces demolition
Des and Clive - The Movie - an American director arrives to make a film about the gang's life

Volume 22 759kb
September 2003

PIGsoft - Farmer Files sells Des a computer
Des and Mick Become Funeral Directors - Des buys himself a hearse
Mrs Greasy's Stand-In - Mrs Greasy's strict sister comes to run the cafe
Des and Mick's School Bus - the duo help to battle rush hour congestion
Des and Mick Celebrate Shrove Tuesday - the gang hold a pancake tossing competition
Mrs Greasy Makes an Advert - Des and Mick are commissioned to promote Mrs Greasy's
Weather Monkey - Mrs Greasy's pet monkey is revealed to be a weather forecast addict
Des and Mick's Anti-Golf Campaign - the duo launch a campaign to teach young people
  about the evils of golf
The End of the Pier Story - Des buys himself a pier in the middle of a field

Volume 23 693kb
July 2004

Des Becomes a Car Salesman - Des stands in for Mike the Manic Mechanic
FrankenDes's Monsters - Des comes up with some monstrous creations
Des is Honoured - the gang are bewildered when Des is awarded an OBE
Mrs Greasy's Gym - Mrs Greasy opens a public gym in her spare bedroom
Des Buys a New Shed - Mike helps Des to get his new shed home from the garden centre
Wayne and Mike's Old Record Emporium - Mike and Wayne embark on another money making   venture
Des's Visitor - Des receives a visit from someone who claims he met him once on holiday
  in 1977
Des's Ice Cream Van - Des gets himself an ice cream van on the hottest day of  the year
Des and Mick's Aqua-Cars - a race is held to find out who has the best car that turns into a boat

Volume 24 676kb
June 2005

Des and Mick 24 - the gang decide to stay awake 24 hours a day for charity
Des's Agent - Des gets himself an agent who only seems to get him rubbish jobs
Friday 13th - Des has a very unlucky day
Disco Avoidance - Des tries getting a job in order to avoid Dickie's discos
The Circus - Des takes over Farmer Files's ailing circus
Des and Mick Become Removal Men - the duo help Dickie the Vicar move to Carlisle
Pig Aid - the gang record a charity single to help out Farmer Files
Des Plays Santa - Des finds himself playing Father Christmas at the local shopping centre
Des Buys the Millennium Dome - Des moves out of his house and into the vacant dome

Volume 25 674kb
February 2006

The Mouse and Trousers - Des and Mick start their own pub
Greasy TV - Mrs Greasy launches a shopping channel, and Des is its only presenter
Des and Mick Fix the Church Roof - the duo have the ultimate plan to bring an end to Dickie's
  boring fundraising  discos
Helicopter Hilarity - Mike steals Noel Edmonds's helicopter and sells it to Des
Dustman Des and the Lost Womble - Des gets a job while looking after a lost Womble
Des and Mick Meet Sean Connery - Des tries to muscle his way onto Sean's tourist information   video
Piggy Heights - Farmer Files turns his farmhouse into a hotel
Takeover! - Mike and Mrs Greasy are both experiencing a financial crisis
It's Christmas Again - there's a turkey shortage thanks to Mrs Greasy's bad cooking

Volume 26 808kb
November 2006

Pirate TV - Mike cons Des into running his pirate television channel for him from a ship in the   North Sea
Mrs Greasy Goes Alfresco - Mrs G creates a rooftop patio on her cafe
PI6 - Farmer Files gets Des and Mick involved with espionage
Des Becomes a Careers Officer - Des gets himself an unlikely job
Des and Mick Go Kicking Crazy - the duo try to bring a halt to the boring International Mug   kicking tournament
The Tolworth International Air Guitar Championships - Mike's air guitar contest gets Dickie the   Vicar the sack!
Des and Mick Go Game Show Crazy - the duo get mixed up with the others' game shows
The Medford Maniac - Mike builds himself his own car and uses it to travel back in time
Des and Mick Get Snowed in for Christmas - Des and Mick get trapped in Mrs Greasy's cafe!

Volume 27 810kb
June 2007

Eldorado - a cash-strapped Wayne reforms his early nineties boy band
Meals on Wheels - Mrs Greasy decides to take her cafe to the people - literally!
Big Farmer - Farmer Files launches his own reality game show
Whatever Happened to Clive? - Mick starts up a charity to help out Clive
Des and Mick Meet Jamie Oliver - the cheerful cockney celebrity chef is in town
Des's Legacy - Des decides he wants to be remembered for something after he's gone
Des and Mick's Anti-Jazz Campaign - Dickie the Vicar becomes a fan of jazz music
Snarkbucket - a new arrival threatens to put the others out of business
Des and Mick Go Cross-Country Running - only Des and Mick could go cross-country running
  through the middle of central London

Volume 28 792kb
March 2008

Satnav Shenanigans - Des takes a test drive in a new car equipped with the latest technology
The Last of the McGreasys - Mrs Greasy's Scottish cousin comes to stay
The Fiat 126 Owners' Club - Des becomes the new secretary of the club
Mike the Manic Estate Agent - Mike stops being a mechanic and starts selling houses instead
Des Has a Hair-Raising Experience - Des opens his own barber shop
Des and Mick at Hallowe'en - Des has just half an hour to organise a Hallowe'en party
Des and Mick on Bonfire Night - Des takes action against the sale of fireworks to underage kids
Des Goes on Jury Service - Des's holiday plans are ruined when he has to go on jury service
We Wish You a Greasy Christmas - Des has a plan to stop Mrs Greasy ruining Christmas

   Random story - Des and Mick's Aqua-Cars