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Hello, actually it's Des here, Mick hasn't even got a computer or even a mobile phone, I don't think he's even heard of them, so that's why I'm setting up a blog page for him so he doesn't get left out.

Mick is actually quite a boring person who likes reading the paper and watching Newsnight and documentaries about 15th century Italian architecture and boring stuff like that and listening to classical music which is rather dull isn't it? He also seems to complain a lot whenever I come up with one of my ideas which is rather strange and I can never understand why.


Bach, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, The Beatles

Newsnight, University Challenge, Timewatch, This Week with Andrew Neil

AJP Taylor, J Bronowski

Wayne Coach
allo mick its yer old mate wayne here
Wayne Coach
mick can yer ask clive if he can add me to his freinds list pleese cos he wont add me
Des Wednesday
Wayne, there's no point asking Mick here, I set this up for him, he doesn't even look at it!
Clive Kippers
Yes he does ;)
Des Wednesday
Well evidently Mick does look at these blogs, because he's posted a comment on my page!