Wayne Coach

im so hungrey

i coud eat a horse

15 February 2013 2.55am

im so hungrey

i coud eat a horse

15 February 2013 2.55am

ruperts in trubble

i like rupert espeshully his scarf

19 July 2011 1.32pm

chilly miners

brrrr chilly miners i thort it was hot in soth ammerica

under thhe ground

ps any1 lends us a fiver plleese

14 October 2010 4.11am

whose won the elecshun i dont get it

ps can anny1 lend us a fiver

7 May 2010 2.42pm

Clive Kippers
No one knows, Wayne, no one.

hey every1 i just voated in the elecshun it was gr8

ps can any1 lend us a fiver

6 May 2010 9.51pm

Des Wednesday
Who did you vote for, Wayne?
Wayne Coach
all of them
Clive Kippers
They actually let people like Wayne vote?? Seriously???

any1 going trick or treeting

any1 wanna go trick or treeting with me and my m8s in a min meet me at my house

31 October 2008 7.15pm

Clive Kippers
I feel I must turn down your admittedly tempting offer, Wayne.

i carnt wait 4 crissmass

its gonna be grate

farther crismass is gonna bring me loats of pressents

24 December 2007 12.51pm

has any1 seen henry the horse

has any 1 seeen henry the horse

18 September 2007 3:58am

Clive Kippers
Des Wednesday
Actually, I haven't really.

can any1 lend us a tener


18 September 2007 3.41am

Mike the Manic Mechanic
Good grief, inflation is worse than I thought, he's after TEN pounds now!!!


did any1 reckord x files on the telly on Saterday nite cos i misssed it

17 September 2007 9.00pm

Clive Kippers
I assume he means X Factor.
Mike the Manic Mechanic
I don't know, some of the contestants on that show look decidedly alien to me!
Des Wednesday
X Factor? ZZZ Factor more like!

hey every1

i just had a cool week in the big famer house with alll my m8s it was grate

7 July 2007 11.56pm

Des Wednesday
'Cool' and 'grate' are not the first words that spring to my mind.

can anyone lend us a fiver

can any1 lend us a fiver cos im a bit short

21 June 2007 3.09pm

paris in prison

ive herd that paris is in prisen could they arest the rest of france aswell

19 June 2007 10:35pm

big brther

hey any1 watch big brothher i dont get it

2 June 2007 1.16pm


hey i saw the euro vishon song contest yesterdy i thort it was grate i voted for our entry scoch cos i thogt it was brill but it dident work so i voted for a difrent one the one from geremy and guess who arnsered the phone wen i voted yeah it was only terry wogen!!!!!!!! i thort he wos too bisy comentratng but he was arnsering the phones as well anyway bye

13 May 2007 1.11pm

Des Wednesday
Clive Kippers
I assume he means Germany.

docter who

did any1 see docter who i whatched it last nigt cos on saterday we were bisy with my band so i viddeod it i thogt the darleks were reely scarey and also the pig men i was so scarred that I had to hide behind the sofa when i went to bed i had a dreem that the darlekks came to my house but i was alrigt cos the darleks couldent come upstairs see ya

1 May 2007 1.53am

reely brill day

my boy band ellodrado made our new single at bons and whossns reccordng studo well guess who our new member is well its only des!!! i thoght he was to old 4 it but we had to use him cos no one else aplyed anyway wen it comes out do us favour and buy it cos i neeed the dosh ta

27 April 2007 6.50pm


dont wurry abbout the fiver ive had anothur idea im gunna reform my old boy band with my mates pat n jack n dingo just like wot takethat done only thing is jack is dead so weve gotto addvurtise for anew member so if u wantto aply for thejob then ring me on my mmobile or send us a text alrigt anyway see ya

24 April 2007 1.28pm

right m8

allo its yer old mate wayne aggain thing is im skint at the momunt so i was wunderin if i can borrrow a fiver dont wurry ill pay yer back

24 April 2007 10.19am

allo mate

allo its yer old mate wayne here my m8 des who livs over the rode has just setup his own blog page so i thoght wot a brill idea id bettr set 1 up aswell so look i have so anyway my names wayne and im a window cleener so if yer want yer windows cleened then just send us atext anyway gotto go now as ive got to get reddy for dicky the viccers disco which is reely grate by the way can annyone lend us a fiver

23 April 2007 6.41pm

Des Wednesday
I didn't understand a word of that, is there any Wayne translation software available on the interweb?
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hi its yer old mate wayne here im a window cleener i like hanging out with my m8s des and mick down at mrs greesys cafe annyway if yer want yer windows cleened then send us a text yer anyway see yer l8er


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Wayne, is there any chance you could turn the colours down on your page, they're making my eyes go all funny!
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