An introduction to Bones and Whoson

Sherlock Bones is a useless, non-ace detective, who has a habit of getting taken in by his arch nemesis, Arty Morty. Dr Whoson (pronounced 'who-sun') is Bones's hyper-intelligent, and completely bald, assistant, who has appalling dress sense.

The Bones and Whoson stories take place in the Des and Mick universe. Having in no way anything in common with any other similiarly named detectives, it is Whoson does all the work on their investigations, while Bones takes the credit.

Due to their Ford Cortina currently being out of action, they race to the scene of the crime by bus. They formerly lived at 221c Baker Street, but due to the cost of rent were forced to move to a top floor flat in Carol Vorderman House, Romford. In the mid-2000s, they started up their own record company, because after all, that's what detectives usually do, isn't it?! However Whoson is dissatisfied with this life, and is keen to return to fighting crime - but can he convince Bones? And will they return to a more central location?

Sherlock Bones is the oldest of my comedy characters, dating back as far as 1986, though it took until 1993 for him and Whoson to star in their own series of stories, The Chronicles of Bones and Whoson. Only one volume was ever completed, but work on a second has begun in 2017. The pair have also made a number of guest appearances in The Chronicles of Des and Mick.

Don't expect intriguing murder mysteries when it comes to Bones and Whoson - it's just a lot more nonsense, really! The first volume of The Chronicles of Bones and Whoson is available to read here, along with what has so far been written for the far superior Volume 2.