CLIVE KIPPERS (Volumes 1-31)

Clive is the local smarmy know-all. He hates Des, and Des hates him. He is always the first to pour scorn on Des's ideas, but just like Mick, always gets mixed up in his schemes in the end. Traditionally, it is Clive who comes out on top, but more recent stories have shown that Clive cannot always be right.

Clive has the shiniest hair in the area, due to the mountains of hair gel that he puts on. He loves 70s disco music, particularly the Bee Gees, and takes any opportunity to do a bit of jiving in his John Travolta suit. He drives a 2005 BMW 730i, and seems to be rather well-off despite apparently not having a regular job (the source of Clive's income is some mystery to the others).

Date/place of birth: 1 July 1954, Guildford, Surrey
Occupation: we're not quite sure
Married: we don't think so
Car: BMW X6
Favourite programme: University Challenge
Favourite celebrity: himself
Favourite pop group: Bee Gees
Favourite product: hair gel
Favourite saying: anything smarmy

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