DICKIE THE VICAR (Volumes 11-31)

The Rev Richard Rogers, otherwise known as Dickie the Vicar, is the vicar at St Malcolm's Church. His aim is to update the image of the church and tries in vain to attract younger people to his services, by wearing a baseball cap and saying things like 'fab' and 'groovy'. He is always happy to allow Des and Mick to borrow the church hall for whatever they want.

Dickie also takes his church out to his congregation by use of his 'churchmobile', in fact a converted Montego with a built-in retractable spire on the roof. He is also forever trying to raise funds to fix the church roof, and attempts to do so by holding boring discos every single night at the church hall, at which he normally plays wall-to-wall Status Quo.

He is pictured here with Mike the Manic Mechanic, giving Des's car a service.

Date/place of birth: 25 December 1935, Balham, Surrey
Occupation: vicar
Married: Marjorie Rogers (aka Mrs Dickie), 19 January 1963
Car: Austin Montego estate with a spire sticking out the top [the 'Churchmobile']
Favourite programme: The Generation Game
Favourite celebrity: Jim Davidson
Favourite pop group: Status Quo
Favourite product: Playstation
Favourite saying: "Hey you groovers, just to let you know I'm holding a disco at the church hall at 7.30 tonight..."

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