MICK WOOLLEY (Volumes 1-31)

Mick is the unfortunate person who ended up living next door to Des. He is the voice of sanity in this crazy world - well, compared to the others.

He is keen to live an ordinary existence, but Des manages to interfere with every aspect of Mick's life. Like it or not, Mick always manages to get dragged into Des's schemes, despite usually offering warning signals. In these cases Des accuses Mick of being boring.

Des and Mick first met at primary school in the 1950s. Mick later worked for an insurance company before resigning in 1992 after an incident with a desk and a window cleaner.

It would be unfair to call Mick boring, but he is certainly the most sensible person in the street, and is conservative with a small 'c' in his tastes.

Date/place of birth: 19 September 1950, Tooting Graveney, Surrey
Occupation: Des's next door neighbour, not much else
Married: Nora Jones, 30 July 1981. Divorced in February 1992
Car: none
Favourite programme: Newsnight
Favourite celebrity: AJP Taylor
Favourite pop group: The Beatles
Favourite product: The Daily Telegraph
Favourite saying: "That's a ridiculous idea, I'm having nothing to do with it!"

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