MIKE THE MANIC MECHANIC (Volumes 9, 11-31)

Michael Medford, commonly known as Mike the Manic Mechanic, runs the local independent garage, Mike's Manic Motors. A car fanatic, he is first and foremost a mechanic, and made his first appearance when he turned Des's Fiat 126 into a supersonic car. He is also involved with the used car market, selling dubious forty year-old Ford Capris.

Something of a lunatic (so he fits in well with the local residents) he is often involved with Des's schemes. He is generally a decent fellow, but does not miss an opportunity to con his customers. Mike also dabbles with music, and plays in a rock band called Mike and the Mechanics X (they had been forced to amend their name owing to confusion with another band with the same name).

He drives a tasteless green Ford Cortina, with personalised reg plate MAN1C, complete with pink furry dice, six-tone musical horn, coat hanger aerial and twelve-speaker stereo system.

Date/place of birth: 12 December 1964, Catford, London
Occupation: mechanic
Trendy Tracy
Cars: Ford Cortina Ghia
Favourite programme: Top Gear
Favourite celebrity: Jeremy Clarkson
Favourite pop group: Mike and the Mechanics X
Favourite product: spark plugs
Favourite saying: "How do you fancy this tasty 1978 Ford Capri with only 42,000 totally genuine miles on the clock..."

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