WAYNE COACH (Volumes 1-31)

Wayne is the local idiot, whose main purpose is to make Des look clever. A real expert in the field of window cleaning, he knows nothing about anything else, and is as naive and gullible as they come. Wayne will believe anything you tell him. He has a mental age of about nine.

He is the only person to look up to Des, and is always the first to give support to him in his schemes, however hair-brained, particularly when they involve making money.

Romford-born Wayne, whose first words were actually "Need yer windas cleaned, guv?!", is into hardcore rave, ambient dance and various other types of music the others have never heard of.

Date/place of birth: 1 April 1965, Romford, Essex
Occupation: window cleaner
Married: no
Car: Ford Escort van
Favourite programme: The Little and Large Show
Favourite celebrity: Edd the Duck
Favourite pop group: MC Dangerous Dan and the Electric Earwig
Favourite product: buckets
Favourite saying: "Allo, it's yer ol' mate Wayne 'ere!"

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