How It All Began

This is where it all started! Here are scans of the initial, messy draft of the first ever Des and Mick story, written by my 15 year-old self, in a school exercise book on 11th September 1991. Click the images to view them at larger size.

Here is the completed version from 23rd September 1991, that eventually went towards my GCSE coursework! The story was later retitled
Around the UK with Des and Mick. The story as written out here differs from the online version which is a revised and extended version from 1996.

From 27th January 1992, the second Des and Mick story, which also went towards my GCSE coursework, but never made it into The Chronicles of Des and Mick.

Finally, also from January 1992, part of the story which was eventually formed into
Des and Mick Are Bored.

What It All Became

This is what thirty volumes of The Chronicles of Des and Mick looks like! Volume 31, completed in 2017 after a gap of seven years, was the first 'online-only' volume.