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More Des and Mick pictures.

Back to the Seventies

How the Des and Mick gang looked in the decade of glam and disco!

Back to the Eighties

The 1980s versions of Des, Mick, Mrs Greasy, Wayne and Clive.

Des and Mick USA

The actors who play Des and Mick and the gang in the box office smash Des and Clive - The Movie (2003).

From left to right: Troy Wangman Jr (who plays Des), Kirk Womack (who plays Mick), Flash Santana (Clive), Nancy Cruz (Mrs Greasy) and Al Justice III (Mike the Manic Mechanic).

More actors from the US version of Des and Mick. From left to right: Randy Schmidt (who plays Farmer Files), Chuck P (Wayne) and Larry Rodriguez (Dickie the Vicar).

Des in his beloved Fiat 126

Farmer Files in his Land Rover

Wayne in his Ford Escort van

Mike the Manic Mechanic in his Ford Cortina

Clive in his BMW 535i in the early 90s. Since then he has upgraded through a series of BMWs, culminating in his current motor, the over-the-top X6

Des and Mick at Christmas

Des and Mick Online

Flyer advertising the launch of this very website in January 2000. Don't bother trying the web or e-mail addresses - neither of them work any more!