Story Pictures

Here we collect all Des and Mick pictures together into one section. Each of the images on this page links to a Des and Mick story.

There are more pictures on the next page. Other galleries include a look back to see how it all began, plus a chance to see how bad I was at computer art!

Des finds being a disc jockey tiring work on their radio station Des and Mick FM (1992)

Clive hinders Des as he attempts to put a bookcase together in Des and Mick Destroy It Themselves (With Help from Clive) (1992)

Wayne finds where the missing pane of glass is when Des Redevelops His Garden (1993)

Des and Wayne appear as extras on a period drama in Des's Big Role (1994), but Farmer Files and his pigs ruin everything

Who do Des, Mrs G, Mick and Wayne think they are, running the railways during The Train Strike (1994)?

The gang try fixing the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Des and Mick's European Tour (1995)

That's not actually Elvis, it's his brother Dave, who was Des and Mick's New Neighbour (1996)

The gang use a flying Mini Clubman to rescue Des from a UFO when Des is Abducted by Aliens (1996)

Des, Clive, Ralph and Dave surely have nothing to hide from Aunty Phyllis at The Car Boot Sale (1997)

Des draws the short straw in Des and Mick at Easter (1997)

This is not a sight PC Plod was expecting to see! Can it be true that Elvis is a Dangerous Man (1998)?

The caravan clearly wasn't properly attached to the car when Des and Mick Go Caravanning (1999)

Des and Mick want to be the first Men on Mars (1999) - but they've been beaten to it!

Mike the Manic Mechanic introduces Des to his very own robot, RoboDes (2000)

The gang enter The Vintage Car Run (2000) in a settee on wheels

The gang take a ride on the only rollercoaster with live pigs when they visit PIGworld (2001)

Mrs Greasy builds an igloo out of blocks of custard in White Christmas (2003)

Mrs Greasy's pet monkey is revealed to be a weather forecast addict in Weather Monkey (2003)

Des comes up with some monstrous creations in FrankenDes's Monsters (2004)

Our hero moves out of his house when Des Buys the Millennium Dome (2005)

Mike the Manic Mechanic steals Noel Edmonds's helicopter and sells it to Des in Helicopter Hilarity (2006)

007 himself visits the cafe in Des and Mick Meet Sean Connery (2006)

Mike the Manic Mechanic cons Des into running his Pirate TV (2006) channel for him

Des and Mick Go Game Show Crazy (2006), and the duo are amongst those taking part in 'Farmerversity Challenge'

Des and Mick become spies for Farmer Files in PI6 (2006)

Mike unveils his very own creation, The Medford Maniac - can it really travel in time? (2006)

The Big Farmer (2007) house where Des and Mick found themselves incarcerated in the name of entertainment

Mrs Greasy takes her cafe to the people, as well as Des and Mick's houses, in Meals on Wheels (2007)

All appears to be going well for Des and Mick on Bonfire Night (2008), and Mick is of course to be delighted to be dressed as a frog

Des doesn't fully understand the concept of animal adoption in Adopting Elvis (2008)

Postman Des (2009) conducts his post round riding the latest in transport technology

It's like taking the kids out! Des and Wayne can't resist getting kitted out in suits of armour when they visit Piggy Manor (2017)

Mrs Greasy goes Yankee Doodle Dandy Crazy to celebrate the US election in Des and Mick Meet Donald Trump (2017)

Des is shocked to encounter Flying Pigs (2017) when he travels on Farmer Files's new airline

Thanks to Mrs Greasy, there's a Hipster Invasion (2017) in town, and Des and Mick must adapt to fit in with the new arrivals