It's not just television, you know. Des and Mick FM is your hotter music mix, playing everything from Abba to Simply Red, then back to Abba again.


6.00am Saturday Breakfast with Dickie the Vicar

9.00 Farmer Files's Saturday Show
Ooooh arrrrrr!!! A country-fied start to the weekend. Listen in and see if you can make out what Files is saying Subtitled

12.00 Pick of the Nose with Des Wednesday
Classic charts from bygone years

2.00pm Saturday Sport with Mike the Manic Mechanic
including radio's first Spot the Ball competition

6.00 Clive Kippers' Disco City
Get out those flares and platforms and get groovin' with some 70s disco classics!

9.00 Wayne Coach
plays hardcore drum 'n' house trip garage rap

12.00-6.00am The Computer
At least we're honest


6.00am Thank God It's Sunday
Dickie the Vicar with the religious slot

8.00 Mick Woolley
Leads You Up the Garden Path with his greenfingered phone-in

9.00 Farmer Files's Sunday Love Songs
Romantic music with the most inappropriate presenter possible Subtitled

12.00 Mick Woolley's Request Show
Select the songs you want to hear, as long as they're on our playlist

2.00pm Best of the Week
All the week's highlights

2.01 Mike the Manic Mechanic
Local mechanic Mike presents a relaxing music mix, and brings you news of all the bargains you can pick up at his garage

4.00 The Tolworth Top 40
Dickie the Vicar counts down the platters that matter (assuming Des has been down the record shop to buy them all)

7.00 Dave Presley
Wall-to-wall Elvis hits

10.00 Mrs Greasy's Problem Line
A problem shared with Mrs G is a problem doubled

12.00-6.00am The Computer


6.00am Mick Woolley's Breakfast Show
Wild and wacky entertainment, including such zany items as Chemists Rota and Gardeners' Diary

10.00 Mrs Greasy
Top tunes and consumer action, plus the bargain line, phone-ins with the gas board, and cookery tips

1.00pm Wayne Coach in the Afternoon
featuring a cast of crazy comedy characters including Mr Sad and Stan the Manager, plus chatty bits with the posse

4.00 Des Wednesday's Drive-in
including the innovative Mystery Voice competition, and news of all the traffic hold-ups down Des's road

7.00 Dave Presley
Breaking new bands, and breaking their records if they're not very good

10.00 Clive Kippers' Chat Line
See if you can get a word in edgeways

12.00-6.00am The Computer


Des and Mick FM is the only station that plays the songs the others just won't touch!

Abba Dancing Queen

Simply Red Stars

James Blunt You're Beautiful

Robbie Williams Angels

Snow Patrol Chasing Cars

Terry Wogan The Floral Dance

Gnarls Barkley Crazy

Scissor Sisters I Don't Feel Like Dancing

Wet Wet Wet Love Is All Around

Bryan Adams (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

Mr Blobby Mr Blobby

Bing Crosby White Christmas

Records are rotated on the turntable, and played in the above order, once an hour 24 hours a day

Copyright © Robert Williams 2000-08