Elvis wins lottery
It has emerged that none other than the King of Rock 'n' Roll himself has this week scooped the £6.8 million jackpot in the National Lottery... Read more

Teletubbies buy dome
A consortium has at last been found to purchase the beleaguered Millennium Dome in Greenwich... Read more

So who is it?
Uncertainty surrounds the result of the Lower Piddlehinton Parish Council by-election... Read more

Pollen on the line
This summer is set to bring more misery for commuters... Read more

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
Roy Wood's dream could soon be coming true... Read more

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Blair is new PM
Controversy is surrounding the outcome of yesterday's General Election... Read more

Wallet causes congestion
Andi Peters dropped his wallet in the West End of London today... Read more

It's a boy!
The popular singer Leo Sayer has become a father... Read more

A winner at last!
One lucky punter has finally scooped the jackpot in DMTV's hit quiz 'Who Wants to Win a Pound... Read more

New Bond revealed
Actor Daniel Craig has pulled out of the forthcoming Bond film... Read more

Disco 2000 is a flop
Singer Jarvis Cocker, of pop group Pulp, was feeling a little embarrassed last night... Read more

Professor What next?
The star of DMTV's slightly successful sci-fi series has announced he's standing down...
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Professor What episodes lost!
A number of early episodes of DMTV's sci-fi series have been lost... Read more

New radio station
A new radio station with a difference takes to the airwaves this week... Read more

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