There are no other sites quite like Des and Mick Online - so here are some completely irrelevant links...

AMERICAN RADIO HISTORY Despite the name, this site also contains a treasure trove of UK music and broadcasting publications

AUSTIN ROVER From the Mini to the CityRover, and everything in between - an in-depth site looking back at four decades of cars that ultimately led to the sad demise of Britain's last volume car manufacturer, as well as other UK car makers

BBC GENOME The ultimate archive of Radio Times listings from 1923 to 2009

THE BBC LIVES! No, it's not a television or radio site, this one's about those good old BBC Microcomputers. The place to go if, like me, you want to turn your brand new up-to-the-minute super-powerful PC into a 30 year-old 32k BBC Micro

THE BROOM CUPBOARD Remembering the days of the Children's BBC Broom Cupboard

CBRD The site for road enthusiasts - did you know there were once planned to be four M25s?!

COMICS UK I remember 'Playhour' and 'Jack and Jill' - see what comics you can recall from your youth

DIGITAL SPY Entertainment news and forums

DOMESDAY RELOADED A web version of the BBC's 1986 Domesday Project

ESC TODAY Get the latest Eurovision news

FRAMLEY EXAMINER Visit Britain's best national local newspaper

GALLIFREY BASE The number one Doctor Who forum

GEOGRAPH A project to photograph every grid square in the British Isles

THE GOODIES CRICKLEWOOD OFFICE Dedicated to the best comedy show they never repeat

OFFICIAL CHARTS ARCHIVE More charts than you ever thought possible

OLD BAILEY The largest body of texts detailing the lifes on non-elite people, containing nearly 200,000 criminal trials held between 1674 and 1913

ONE AND OTHER Video archive of the 2400 members of the public who took to the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square from July to October 2009, all in the name of art, apparently

O.M.R.L.P. Not that I'm particularly politically minded, but next Election Day you could do worse than put your cross in their direction...

RADIO REWIND Memories of the old days of Radio 1 and Radio 2

SCARFOLK COUNCIL A rather disturbing look at a town in North East England where the 1970s loops ad infinitum

TRANSDIFFUSION Articles covering the world of broadcasting

TV ARK A massive collection of old idents and opening titles to classic shows that's second to none

THE TV ROOM Television symbols and branding from the UK and Ireland

TV CREAM Comprehensive guide to classic telly from the good old days

UNDERGROUND HISTORY Ever wondered what happened to the disused stations on the London Underground? Visit this site and discover the fascinating history behind these hidden parts of the capital. NB this is not a site for trainspotters!