Click the links below to view the evolution of the schedules for various BBC radio stations in grid form.

The schedule tables have been created in Excel, and use half hour increments. As a result there is some simplification in the schedules, particularly for earlier years, and programmes shorter than 30 minutes, such as Newsbeat and Waggoners' Walk are not shown.

Schedules for the national stations and for London are divided into Saturday, Sunday, Monday-Thursday and Friday; the remaining stations which tend to have fewer variations on Fridays are divided into Saturday, Sunday and Monday-Friday.

The dates across the top of each table are not necessarily when the schedule shown came into effect; rather it is a 'snapshot' of the schedule at that time.

The tables are best viewed using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The links each open in a new window.

To investigate past BBC schedules in greater detail, please visit the BBC Genome project (for years up to 2009) and BBC Schedules (covering 2007 onwards).