BBC Digital timeline

A timeline of events relating to BBC and UKTV digital television and radio, along with the services that carry those channels.

01/11/92 UK Gold launched
27/09/95 The BBC begins the first regular DAB service from five transmitters around London
31/10/96 Licences for digital terrestrial television advertised by the ITC
31/01/97 Bids published for digital terrestrial television licences
03/97 BBC and Flextech sign deal to launch a subscription television service
24/06/97 British Digital Broadcasting awarded the licence for three digital terrestrial multiplexes
01/11/97 UK Horizons, UK Style and UK Arena launched
09/11/97 BBC News 24 launched
23/09/98 BBC Choice launched
23/09/98 The Parliamentary Channel relaunched as BBC Parliament
01/10/98 Digital satellite service launched, with the subscription service operated by Sky Digital
02/10/98 UK Gold Classics launched
10/10/98 UK Play launched
15/11/98 Digital terrestrial network launched, with the subscription service operated by ONdigital
02/04/99 UK Gold 2 launched, replacing UK Gold Classics
01/06/99 BBC Knowledge launched
01/10/99 BBC Text digital text service available to ONdigital viewers
31/03/00 UK Arena relaunched as UK Drama
25/08/00 Plans announced to relaunch BBC Choice and BBC Knowledge as BBC Three and BBC Four
05/11/00 UK Play relaunched as Play UK
13/03/01 BBC Text digital text service available to satellite viewers
11/07/01 ONdigital renamed ITV Digital
05/11/01 BBC 2W launched, an evening opt-out service on BBC2 Wales digital
05/11/01 UK Food launched
07/11/01 BBC interactive services re-branded as BBCi
20/11/01 BBC News Interactive multiscreen launched on satellite
02/02/02 BBC 5 Live Sports Extra launched
11/02/02 CBBC and CBeebies channels launched
02/03/02 BBC Four launched, replacing BBC Knowledge
11/03/02 BBC 6 Music launched
01/05/02 ITV Digital ceases its pay television service on digital terrestrial television
13/06/02 Bids published for digital terrestrial television licences
04/07/02 Former ITV Digital licences awarded to a consortium led by the BBC and Crown Castle
16/08/02 1Xtra launched
30/09/02 Play UK closed
16/10/02 BBC Parliament available in quarter screen on digital terrestrial
28/10/02 BBC Asian Network relaunched as a national station
30/10/02 Official start of Freeview service on digital terrestrial
30/10/02 UK History launched
15/12/02 BBC7 launched
15/01/03 UK Bright Ideas launched
09/02/03 BBC Three launched, replacing BBC Choice
20/10/03 BBC News Interactive multiscreen launched on Freeview
12/11/03 UK G2 launched, replacing UK Gold 2
08/03/04 Prefix of UKTV channels changed from UK to UKTV
08/03/04 UKTV Documentary and UKTV People launched, replacing UK Horizons
23/02/05 UKTV Style Gardens launched
15/05/06 BBC HD high-definition channel begins on a trial basis
13/11/06 BBC Parliament available full screen on Freeview
22/01/07 BBC News Interactive multiscreen expands from two screens to four on Freeview
08/02/07 UKTV co-owner Flextech renamed Virgin Media Television
02/07 UKTV Style Gardens renamed UKTV Gardens
15/10/07 UKTV Bright Ideas closed
15/10/07 Dave launched, replacing UKTV G2
01/12/07 Official launch of BBC HD channel on satellite and cable
21/04/08 BBC News 24 renamed BBC News
19/09/08 BBC Alba launched
04/10/08 BBC7 renamed BBC Radio 7
07/10/08 Watch launched
07/10/08 GOLD launched, replacing UKTV Gold
07/10/08 Alibi launched, replacing UKTV Drama
26/01/09 Eden launched, replacing UKTV Documentary
17/02/09 Blighty launched, replacing UKTV People
02/03/09 Yesterday launched, replacing UKTV History
30/04/09 Home launched, replacing UKTV Style
18/05/09 UKTV Gardens closed
19/05/09 Really launched
22/06/09 Good Food launched, replacing UKTV Food
27/10/09 BBC News Interactive multiscreen service closed on Freeview
02/12/09 BBC HD begins roll-out on Freeview
12/04/10 1Xtra renamed BBC Radio 1Xtra
03/11/10 BBC1 HD launched
02/04/11 BBC Radio 4 Extra launched, replacing BBC Radio 7
04/04/11 BBC 6 Music renamed BBC Radio 6 Music
15/04/11 Virgin Media's stake in UKTV sold to Scripps Networks Interactive
20/06/12 BBC News Interactive multiscreen service closed on satellite and cable
04/12/12 Connected Red Button launched
26/03/13 BBC HD closed
26/03/13 BBC2 HD launched
05/07/13 Blighty closed
08/07/13 Drama launched
10/12/03 HD versions of BBC3, BBC4, BBC News, CBBC and CBeebies launched
06/03/14 Plans to close BBC3 as a broadcast channel announced
15/02/16 Watch relaunched as W
16/02/16 BBC3 closed as a broadcast channel, becomes online brand only
29/01/18 BBC Radio Cymru 2 launched
06/03/18 UKTV co-owner Scripps Networks Interactive acquired by Discovery