This section contains a listing of programmes produced for UK Horizons, UK Style and UK Arena. Together with UK Gold, they formed the original UKTV network, which launched on 1st November 1997 as a joint venture between BBC Worldwide and Flextech.

They were initially available in full only to cable television viewers, though a UKTV Preview Channel soon launched on satellite, which was subsequently replaced by UK Horizons. Al of the channels in the UKTV network then became available to subscribers to the digital pay television services when they launched in the autumn of 1998, including new additions UK Play (for which we have a separate listing) and UK Gold Classics (later UK Gold 2).

Please note that this list is a work-in-progress and is far from complete. In some cases we have only a programme title with no further details about what it entailed. If you know of any programmes were produced specifically for one of these channels that are missing from this page, please get in touch and I can add them to the list.

UK Horizons

UK Horizons showcased the BBC's documentary and factual output. In March 2004 the channel was replaced by UKTV Documentary (now Eden) and UKTV People.

Most of UK Horizons' output was compromised of archive BBC material - the programmes listed below are amongst those commissioned specifically for the channel.

ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY - Series following the staff at Leeds General Infirmary.

AFRICAM - LIVE AND WILD - A live daily broadcast featuring the wildlife to be found in the heart of South Africa's game reserves. The series ran for 27 episodes in 2001.

BORN TO FIGHT - Nell McAndrew looked into the world of boxing in this 15-part series.

DISHING THE DIRT - Tony Slattery investigated some odder aspects of British culture.

DRIVE HARD - 'High adrenalin motoring series' in which inexperienced drivers tackled some of the toughest driving challenges in the world.

FREE AGENT - Ten-part series broadcast as part of the channel's Rip Off Britain Weekend in 2002.

GET GOING WITH UK HORIZONS - What appears to have been UK Horizons's 'breakfast show', broadcast for around two hours each morning from 7am, in late 1998/early 1999.

GHOST DETECTIVES - A six-part series broadcast as part of UK Horizons's Haunted Weekend shortly before Hallowe'en 2001, in which none other than former Doctor Who Tom Baker joined a team of ghost hunters in locations such as Margate's Theatre Royal, Pengersick Castle in Cornwall, Bowden House in Totnes and Marsden Grotto in South Shields.

GHOSTWATCH LIVE - Nothing to do with the ill-fated Screen One drama, the centrepiece of 2001's Haunted Weekend was this midnight live broadcast in which scientists attempted to prove that the Tower of London was really haunted. Having already hired one BBC sci-fi legend to appear in one of their ghost programmes, the channel turned to another - Blake's 7's Paul Darrow - to co-host with Claudia Christian.

MOON LANDING LIVE - UK Horizons marked the 30th anniversary of the moon landings in July 1999 by revisiting the key moments of the Apollo 11 mission, with commentary by Patrick Moore, Peter Snow and Christopher Riley.

PRIVATE DICKS - Following the work of private investigators each attempting to solve a case.

ROADIES - Each episode of this ten-part series explored the rock'n'roll lifestyle of a British band on tour, including the Stereophonics and Ocean Colour Scene.


SAVING PARADISE - 13-part series filmed at the remote Indonesian island of Hoga, following the participants in an underwater scientific project, Operation Wallacea.

SCENES OF CRIME - Investigating the locations of some of the most notorious crimes of the 20th century.

SECRETS OF THE PARANORMAL - Series investigating aspects of the paranormal.

SPCA HONG KONG - 13-part documentary series.

SUPERNATURAL SCIENCE - 'A scientific look at some familiar mysteries'.

TICKET TO RIDE - Travel series in which five young people take a London double decker bus on an adventure from Canada to South America.

TOMORROW'S WORLD PLUS - Extended version of BBC1's long-running science and technology show, with highlights from recent editions combined with exclusive material.

TOP BIKES - Motorcycle-based spin-off from Top Gear, presented by Vicki Butler-Henderson and Steve Berry, along with Hollywood stunt rider Craig Jones.

TOP GEAR EX-FILES - Compilations of items from the Top Gear archives.

TOP GEAR GTi - As per Tomorrow's World Plus - the Top Gear team brought us newly-filmed material alongside items from recent editions of the BBC2 motoring series. The programme filled an hour-long slot on UK Horizons.



UK Style

UK Style was themed around leisure and lifestyle, and was largely made up of programming previously broadcast by the BBC in recent years. The programmes listed below which are amongst those commissioned specifically for UK Style between 1997 and 2004, at which point the channel name was amended to UKTV Style. though as it is often difficult to establish original airdates, some may date from later than 2004.

A great many of these programmes involve home or garden makeovers, which were particularly popular around this time following the success of the likes of Changing Rooms and Ground Force, and indeed by 2001, UK Style had grown to become the third most popular multichannel behind Sky One and UK Gold.

The present day descendent of UK Style is HGTV, which is no longer part of UKTV, ownership having passed to Discovery in 2019.

ART DECO DESIGNS - Maureen Lipman presented this six-part series looking at the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 30s, and visited couples who loved their art deco houses.

A BLUE PETER CHRISTMAS - Broadcast at Christmas 1997, Valerie Singleton took a nostalgic look back at preparations for the festive season by what the UK Style listings curiously described as 'Britain's most influential lifestyle magazine programme'.

BUYING STYLE - Series presented by Kathryn Rayward.

CREWLESS - A series of international travel documentaries.

DESIGN ER - Interior design disasters were given a makeover by a team of experts.

FAB PADS - Series presented by UK Style mainstay Paul Roseby.

FLAVOURS OF BRITAIN - Two-part series from 2002 exploring the best regional dishes from across the UK.



GARDEN ER - In a similar vein to Design ER, problematic gardens were given a makeover. Appears to be unrelated to the later Channel 5 series of the same name.


GARDEN HOPPING - Daphne Ledward gave horticultural advice to participants in the National Gardens Scheme.

GARDEN RIVALS - One of various shows for UK Style hosted by Handy Andy, aka Andy Kane, in which two rival designers battled to be the one to makeover a viewer's garden.

GARDENING ANGELS - 'Surprise garden makeover' series presented by Mark Curry.



GET THE LOOK - Kathryn Rayward presented the interior design series for anyone with a specific style in mind.


HOLIDAY IN STYLE - Rhodri Owen fronted this hour-long spin-off from the BBC's long-running Holiday programme.

HOME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY - Tris Payne presented this 15-part series in which teams were challenged to use the latest quick-build techniques to construct a house within 24 hours.


A HOUSE IN... - A recurring strand of different series - A House in France, A House in Florida, A House in Spain and A House in Tuscany - each following the renovation of a property in said location.

HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? - A panel of experts, including Nigel Colborn and Daphne Ledward, was on hand to offer gardening tips and advice. This appears to be the same programme that subsequently aired in an afternoon slot on BBC2.

LEARN TO GARDEN WITH STEFAN BUCZACKI - The horticulturalist and regular Gardeners' World contributor presented a number of programmes of his own for UK Style, including this series for novice gardeners.

MODEL GARDENS - Designer Sven Wombwell used 3D modelling software to assist in the creation of some dream gardens.

MORE FRONT GARDENS - More garden makeovers, this time at the front of the house.

OUR HOUSE - Andrea Mclean, Ground Force's Tommy Walsh and Big Brother winner Craig Phillips were amongst the team offering advice on renovating a property in order to create 'your own dream home'.

PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR HOUSE IS - Advice on home improvement and maintenance in order to increase the value of your property.

RADIO TIMES - The famous listings magazine was transformed into a television programme itself for UK Style. RT columnists Emma Norman (daughter of Barry) and Dr Mark Porter introduced highlights of that evening's viewing across all channels, followed by previews covering the next four days. This was the second programme to be shown on UK Style on its opening night in November 1997. Radio Times aired twice daily, at 2pm and 6pm, seven days a week, but only lasted until April 1998.

ROOM RIVALS- As per Garden Rivals, this time the rival designers vied for the opportunity to revamp house interiors, overseen once again by Handy Andy.

SAW THIS AND THOUGHT OF YOU - Kathryn Rayward went on a search for dream properties for house buyers.

STEFAN BUCZACKI'S GARDENING ROADSHOW - Gardening advice show produced at Pebble Mill.

STEFAN'S ULTIMATE GARDENS - Garden owners were given assistance with creating their own dream gardens.

STREET CAFE - Dan Roland travelled around the world to sample the most exotic street food on offer in locations such as Rio de Janeiro, Vietnam, Morocco and Japan.

STYLE FILE - Yet another home and garden makeover series.

STYLE STREET - 'Leisure and activity' series in which Ailsa Greenhalgh, Paul Roseby and a team of experts, which included astrologer Russell Grant, visited a different town and village in each of the 13 episodes to offer tips, advice and makeovers for local residents, as well as a look at the area's history.

TAKE THREE GARDENERS - Joe Swift, Ann-Marie Powell and Cleve West created gardens for 15 new-build houses on the same estate.

THIS IS STYLE - The very first programme to be shown on UK Style - a preview of what the channel would have to offer.

TOOLED UP - 'Makeover and design series where the first port of call is the local tool hire shop'.

WATER GARDENS - Series on water gardening.

WEED IT AND REAP - Toby Buckland presented this series which focused on garden renovations in order to make a property a more saleable prospect.

WEEKEND AWAY - Another series with Paul Roseby.

WEEKEND GARDENER - Gardening series presented by Chris Beardshaw.


UK Arena

UK Arena was the UKTV channel dedicated to arts, music and drama. The channel would prove to be relatively short-lived, as it morphed into UK Drama in March 2000.

The vast majority of the output came from the BBC archive, and aside from its core output also featured some rarely repeated classic comedies, such as The Goodies, Not Only...But Also and Rutland Weekend Television.

The programmes listed below are amongst those that were exclusive to the channel.

THE ARENA 100 - 100 short films in which ten presenters argued the case for the greatest British works of art of the 20th century.

A-Z OF UK ARENA - The first programme to be broadcast on UK Arena's opening night - 'a whistle-stop tour of the treats in store for the viewer'.

THE FRAME - Twice-weekly magazine show focusing on what was happening in the world of arts and entertainment.


REVIEWS YOU CAN USE - Weekly entertainment review magazine.


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