BBC1 2006-2016

On 7th October 2006, BBC1's dancers were sent down the job centre, and in their place came a new set of idents featuring surfers, motorcyclists, kites, hippos and the moon. Although the BBC stopped short of reintroducing the globe, the linking themes of the circle and rotation were intended to subtly hark back to past eras of BBC1 presentation. What was probably not so intentional, was that they would turn out to be BBC1's longest serving set of idents of all-time, remaining on air for over ten years.

In May 2009 re-edited versions of the idents were introduced, with shortened form-up sequences and, in most cases, new music. This was in order to reduce the time it took for the BBC1 logo to appear on the screen.

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Click the following links for some of the Christmas and special idents from this era.

  A compilation of video clips of the idents on this page can be found at our YouTube channel.

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