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The circles were eventually replaced on New Year's Day 2017 by a series of seemingly low budget idents on the theme of 'Oneness', in which groups of people carrying out an activity stop to gawp at the camera for a few seconds, as if posing for a photograph, before resuming their activity. Representing perhaps the nadir of BBC television presentation, the idents have been filmed with a total lack of flair or imagination, and have garnered an almost universally negative reaction from presentation enthusiasts.

Hover the pointer over each image for more information about the idents.

Brief stings that appear between trailers have made something of a comeback for the 'Oneness' era. We have collected images of some of these on a separate page - click here for more.

With BBC1's idents seeming somewhat out of place in 2020 with their notable lack of social distancing, the evening of 1st May saw the arrival of a series of Oneness lockdown idents. Just in case you find the regular versions too exhilarating...

From our YouTube channel, a compilation of boring BBC1 idents and stings from 2017 onwards, and the 2020 lockdown idents.

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