BBC2 1997-2001

Such was the 2's popularity that most of the 1991 idents survived a major rebranding exercise at the BBC on 4th October 1997.

The most obvious change, apart from the new logo, was that the '2' now appeared larger - although the reason for this was not immediately apparent, this was so that the idents, originally produced in 4:3, could be converted to 16:9 widescreen in preparation for the start of digital television a year later. The zooming in on the picture also has the effect of keeping the '2' in proportion with the new, larger |B|B|C| TWO logo - note that the base of the '2' is the same width as the logo.

We start with the idents that were carried over from the previous period. Hover the pointer over each image for more information about the idents.

These new additions were introduced from October 1997:

A final batch of idents was introduced on New Year's Day 2000 (apart from Wave Night which appeared the following September). These included the BBC website URL above the channel logo:

Around June 2000, the URL was added to all the remaining pre-2000 idents, as shown below. Garden was reintroduced in 2001.

After a decade on air, this series of idents was finally retired on 19th November 2001, never to be seen again (or so we thought!)

Click the following links for Christmas and some of the special idents from this era.

  Two compilations of video clips of the idents on this page, covering 1997-2000 and 2001, can be found at our YouTube channel.


The between-trail stings/bumpers were generally carried over from the previous period, albeit converted to widescreen and with the addition of the channel logo at the bottom of the screen.

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