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The big '2' was just two days past its 16th birthday when it entered its next phase on 18th February 2007. Featuring a slightly redrawn numeral, and stripped of its personality, the 2 was now a 'Window on the World'. On the face of it, the new idents appeared to have more in common with the varied idents we saw between 1991 and 2001 - however they were more extravagant than ever before.

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In the early morning of 1st October 2008, the Sunroof ident appeared on screen without the teal box, replaced by the BBC logo at the bottom right of the screen. This apparent update to BBC2's presentation was then immediately pulled for internal reasons, and the usual boxed logo was back for the next junction. One further broadcast of the aborted brand refresh was made late that evening, this time of the Seascape ident.

A revised, and rather ham-fisted, presentation package eventually made it to air on 16th June 2009. Despite the Window on the World idents clearly being designed with a box towards the bottom left of the screen in mind, with the '2' mostly positioned off-centre towards the right, some bright spark decided the box should instead be at the bottom right. As a result, to avoid clashing with the '2', the box was now faded out by the time the main symbol was in position - except on Mirror where it faded in as before. The Cappuccino and Chase idents were withdrawn as part of this update.

A further refresh on 26th March 2013, coinciding with the launch of an HD version of BBC2, saw the soundtracks replaced, in most cases, with music by the band Alt-J. However this could not hide the fact that by this time, these idents were feeling distinctly long-in-the-tooth. But with no cash in the kitty for anything new, what to do? BBC2's fiftieth anniversary in 2014 would provide the answer...

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  Two compilations of video clips of the idents on this page, covering 2007-2009 and 2009-2014, can be found at our YouTube channel.

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