BBC2 2014-2018

In July 2014, BBC2 took the unprecedented step of bringing back a selection of the much-loved 1991-2001 '2's. Reintroduced ostensibly to mark the channel's fiftieth anniversary, the idents remained on air for a further four years.

First to be revived, on 9th July 2014, were 'Swan' and 'Predator', followed two weeks later by 'Dog' and 'Car'; the rest had appeared by the end of the month. When first reintroduced, these idents had a white anniversary logo box in the corner, as seen in this first set of screenshots.

Hover the pointer over each image for more information about the idents.

At the start of 2015, the idents were updated with the larger teal-coloured box that had been used on the 'Window on the World' idents, as seen in these screenshots. Three further classic idents were subsequently brought out of the attic.

These are the idents that were seen in England, Wales and Scotland - however viewers in Northern Ireland were able to enjoy the entire set of classic idents!

From our YouTube channel, two compilation of BBC2 idents from 2014, including the 50th anniversary idents (this also appears in our special idents section, and 2015-2018.

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