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After more than 27 years, half the time that BBC2 had been on air, the big '2' was finally ditched on 27th September 2018. To replace it, BBC2 came up with a new series of 'colourful visualisations based on a simple curve'. These impressive graphical idents buck the trend which has seen many other channels, including BBC1, move to live action idents. The set launched with sixteen idents, but further variants have since been introduced.

Presentation enthusiasts have given this ident set a positive reception - in fact, you could say it's a Perfect Curve...

Hover the pointer over each image for more information about the idents.

The idents were updated on 20th October 2021 with the new version of the BBC logo, as shown below:

Click here for Christmas idents from this era.

  Two compilations of video clips of the idents on this page, covering 2018-2021 and the updated versions from 2021, can be found at our YouTube channel.

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