On this page we look at clocks that have been used in BBC2 presentation over the years. We also have a page looking at clocks from BBC1.

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BBC2 Clocks

Like BBC1, BBC2 also used clocks until the early 21st century.

BBC2 used a clock with roman numerals in its early days, presumably in an attempt to be 'different'. However by the end of the 1960s and the arrival of colour, this had given way to the same design of clock used on BBC1.

The same style of clock remained in use throughout the 1970s (though some alternative designs were briefly experimented with), before an electronic timepiece was introduced in September 1980, more than a year before BBC1 received the same.

A different style of clock face on a white background was introduced in 1986, which unfortunately we have no image of.

The final BBC2 clock was introduced in February 1991 alongside the new '2' idents, and would remain in use for ten years. In October 1997 the logotype at the bottom of the screen was updated in line with the rest of the BBC's on-screen presentation - however, by this time sightings of the clock were becoming increasingly rare, sometimes appearing just one or two per year! Shown here is one of its few appearances in widescreen - and indeed its penultimate ever showing on network BBC2 - on 6th July 2001 when the Six O'Clock News was moved from BBC1 at the last minute due to Wimbledon coverage.

As with BBC1, the BBC2 clock disappeared from our screens altogether with the next revamp of the channel's presentation, in November 2001.

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From our YouTube channel, a compilation of BBC2 clocks from over the decades.