On this page, we look at some of the special idents that have been used over the years on BBC2. We also have pages looking at special idents from BBC1, BBC3 and BBC4.

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BBC2 Special

The BBC's channels have often used specially-made idents for special events, seasons, programme strands, theme nights and so on - and occasionally even certain significant programmes have been awarded their very own ident. There have been so many special idents produced over the years that it's only possible for us to scratch the surface - so here is just a small sample, on this page from BBC2.

The 1991-2001 '2's lent themselves perfectly to special variants, and countless were produced over the decade. Shown here are some from around the turn of the century, used for BBC2's Time Season in 1999, the History Zone, the It's Scary Out There season in 2000, I Love the 70s, I Love the 80s, 2001's Star Trek Night and 1999's Doctor Who Night - the latter continued to be used on the odd occasion for the next two years.

In 2004, BBC2 celebrated its 40th anniversary with a special version of 'Invisible Walls'.

Later idents in the personality era abandoned the yellow theme altogether and reverted to the more varied type of idents we saw in the previous era. In fact, two of them, used in 2006 for the Winter Olympics and Chelsea Flower Show respectively, actually were from the previous era! Also seen here are idents for the series Home in 2006, and a doggy 2 used for comedy programmes with the tagline 'Pedigree Comedy'.

Special idents from 2007 for the series Heroes and the BBC Electric Proms, along with a Rubik's Cube-inspired ident for 2010's Eighties season, and an ident for the 'We Know Food' season in 2015, which continued to be used for food-related programming until 2018.

Retro idents were popping up all over the place on BBC2 in the 2010s - these computer recreations were originally introduced for 2012's Seventies Night and 2010's Eighties Season, but resurfaced at various times in subsequent years, most notably for the channel's Afternoon Classics strand.

BBC2 had another anniversary to celebrate in 2014, and these idents feature the '2' enjoying a birthday party. Curiously, on and around the anniversary itself they were only used as brief stings between trailers and before the regular idents. But from 26th April, they began to be used as full idents before programmes. Before long, the regular idents had been more or less phased out in favour of these anniversary idents. Additionally, BBC2 were using any excuse to use old idents, notably within a series of 70s, 80s and 90s theme nights on Saturdays around May/June 2014.

As the summer drew on, BBC2's 50th anniversary seemed to stretch on and on, and from July, the channel began to bring back a number of much-missed idents from the 1991-2001 era - click here for more.

A couple of the old '2's were subsequently repurposed for particular uses. Here, 'Fluffy Dog' was seen in full-on party mode for 2015's 'Sundays Don't Stop' strand, while in 2017, one of the original 1991 '2's, 'Paint', was given a new lease of life with the reintroduction of children's programmes to BBC2 on Saturday mornings - the original colour of the paint being replaced by the colours of the CBBC logo.

Entirely new idents still continued to be created for various purposes, however. Here are two sporting idents, used to introduce coverage of snooker and darts respectively.

To date, no special versions of the Curve idents have been produced, other than for Christmas.

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