BBC3 2008-2013

The blobs, probably BBC3's most popular feature, just made it to the channel's fifth birthday - but they met their demise only three days later. BBC3's revamp of 12th February 2008 was much more than a case of simply introducing a new set of graphics, however - this was an ambitious relaunch of the channel with a raft of new programming. The new idents featured little people living in a bizarre 'media world', and each featured a redesigned logo which fills with pink liquid.

At the start of this period there was a brief experiment with in-vision continuity, from both announcer Jose Vanders, and videos submitted by viewers.

  A compilation of video clips of the idents on this page can be found at our YouTube channel.


In the same style as the main idents, these are some of the brief 'stings', or 'bumpers', that appeared between trailers during junctions, each lasting just a few seconds.

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