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After three-and-a-half years of random shapes, the BBC4 bosses decided it was time for a change, and a new ident package launched on 10th September 2005. The idents are based around optical illusions, where what appears at first to be a single everyday image is in fact made up of four separate frames.

This set of idents would prove to be unexpectedly long-lasted, with two of the original six variants - Lake and Flowers - remaining on air for over sixteen years - though one of the others, Office, was withdrawn after a relatively short time.

In 2016 they were joined by these three new additions:

BBC4 has often used special idents for seasons of programmes, and some of these have subsequently been used to introduce general programming. Some of these can be seen on our special idents page.

The channel has also made use of themed idents for specific strands, such as those shown below:

These two idents, introduced in 2017, were used to introduce music-related programming, such as the long-running Top of the Pops repeat run.

This pair of idents was used for astronomical programmes, including The Sky at Night (one of which must be the only ident in history to have been filmed at the edge of space!)

Three idents for one of the most popular parts of BBC4's schedule, the Saturday night European drama slot.

Click the following links for Christmas and some of the special idents from this era.

  Two compilations of video clips of the idents on this page, covering the original six idents from 2005, and another spanning the whole of this period from 2005-2021, can be found at our YouTube channel.

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