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By 2021, budget cuts at BBC4 had resulted in the channel moving towards being based mostly around archive programming. Even some continuity announcements have become generic, with the same recordings used week after week.

Despite this, BBC4 was treated to a few new idents as part of the refresh of the BBC's on-screen presentation on 20th October 2021. They continue to conform to the 'four perspectives' concept in use since 2005, and several of the existing idents continue alongside.

We start with the idents that were carried over from the previous period:

These two idents were originally introduced in 2016.

These three idents were originally created for the channel's Japan Season in 2017, but subsequently joined the regular set of idents in general use.

The new idents introduced in autumn 2021 are mainly themed, and are usually - though not exclusively - used to introduce programming based around particular topics regularly broadcast by BBC4:

The bridge ident tends to introduce programmes about travel or engineering, while the gallery ident is, unsurprisingly, used primarily for programmes on the subject of art.

These idents are used mainly for Friday night music and Saturday night drama respectively, but sometimes appear introducing programmes of those genres on other nights of the week as well.

This ident is used mainly for astronomy and space-related programmes.

Click here for Christmas idents from this era.

  A compilation of video clips of the idents on this page can be found at our YouTube channel.

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