On this page, we look at some of the Christmas idents that have been used over the years on BBC4. We also have pages looking at festive idents from BBC1, BBC2 and BBC3/Choice.

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BBC4 Christmas

BBC4's festive presentation in its first three years was limited to jingle bells added to the soundtrack of the regular idents.

The channel introduced its first specific Christmas ident in 2005 - and they obviously liked it so much they kept bringing it back (with minor amendments to the centre logo) for over a decade! In 2015 it was joined by a second ident featuring reindeer, which was filmed in conjunction with the BBC4 Goes Slow offering All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride.

Further idents were subsequently introduced, including an Arctic scene in 2017, more reindeer in 2018, and an igloo in 2019.

Click the following links for Christmas idents from BBC1, BBC2 and BBC3/Choice.

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