On this page, we look at some of the special idents that have been used over the years on BBC3. We also have pages looking at special idents from BBC1, BBC2 and BBC3.

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BBC4 Special

BBC4 has made extensive use of special idents since 2005, so only a sample are shown here. Some of these idents have subsequently been used for general programming.

We start with idents for the Science Fiction Britannia season in 2006, Children's TV on Trial in 2007 and the All-American season in 2011.

In September 2014, BBC4 aired a series of special idents designed by four artists (Sebastian Buerkner, John Smith, James Richards and Laure Prouvost) to coincide with the channel's When Art Broke Free abstract art season. These replaced the regular idents entirely for one week.

Two of the idents used for 2015's Pop Art season, created by artists Peter Blake and Peter Phillips respectively.

Idents for the BBC Four Goes Conceptual and for Make! Craft Britain seasons in 2016.

Idents for the Japan Season in 2017 (see more idents from this season at the BBC Arts website). Using the same 'four perspectives' concept as the main idents, these have remained in regular use.

A series of 'satisfying' idents was produced for 2019's Born Digital season - these have also continued in regular use ever since.

Introduced in 2017, BBC4 has two idents which are used to introduce music-related programming, such as the long-running Top of the Pops repeat run. There are also idents for astronomical programmes, including The Sky at Night (one of which must be the only ident in history to have been filmed at the edge of space!) and idents introduced in 2019 for one of the most popular parts of BBC4's schedule, the Saturday night European drama slot.

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From our YouTube channel, two videos of special BBC4 idents, including each of the abstract idents.