BBC Scotland

Scotland has two BBC channels of its own - one is BBC Scotland, which began on 24th February 2019. Part of the channel's budget came from the now-defunct BBC2 Scotland, and it originally broadcast BBC2's afternoon schedule before the start of its own programmes at 7pm. At the centre of the evening schedule is The Nine, which mixes Scottish and international news, though so far audience figures have suggested that perhaps viewers aren't too bothered about watching an hour-long news programme at 9pm.

These rather nice idents feature an evolved version of the long-running BBC Scotland symbol which saw the country's shape represented by three parallelograms - the new version softens the symbol and removes the centre parallelogram so that it now also resembles the letter 'S'.

The idents were updated with the new BBC logo on 20th October 2021, with the result that the channel name appears much more prominently than it did before.

BBC Alba

Scotland's other channel began more than a decade earlier, on 19th September 2008. The Gaelic-language service BBC Alba is run jointly by the BBC and the Gaelic Media Service, MG Alba.

The idents shown here were introduced from 2018 onwards.

In October 2021, the large star symbol (the logo of MG Alba) was removed from the idents, in order that they conform to the BBC's new branding format.

Unlike in Scotland, there are no specific BBC channels for Wales and Northern Ireland, with English-language programming for those nations confined to slots on BBC1 and BBC2 - though the BBC does contributes programming to the Welsh-language service S4C.

However there were previously nightly blocks of dedicated programming for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, first of all on BBC Choice from its launch in September 1998 until March 2001, and then on the digital versions of BBC2. The Welsh version was known as BBC 2W, and for most of its life had its own distinct presentation style and idents - see our BBC2 section for more.