CBeebies is the BBC channel for children up to the age of six years old. It began alongside the CBBC channel on 11th February 2002, effectively replacing CBBC on Choice. As well as the standalone channel, strands of CBeebies-branded programming were introduced onto BBC1 and BBC2, where they remained until the end of 2012.

Like its bigger brother, CBeebies launched with the theme of blobs in its presentation. Doesn't the pink-and-yellow blobby theme on the first ident remind you of a certain star of Saturday night television?

CBeebies continuity originally came from the oddly-named Studio TC0, later moving to Teddington Studios - seen here are Chris Jarvis (who returned after presenting Children's BBC in the mid 90s) and Pui Fan Lee (aka Teletubby Po).

In March 2007, the channel's schedule was divided into four daily programming strands - Get Set Go from 6-9am, Discover and Do from 9am-3pm, Big Fun Time from 3-6pm, and the Bedtime Hour from 6-7pm.

CBeebies's presentation has changed little over the years, with the yellow blobs remaining a constant. The idents are now mostly themed:

Idents based around days and time of the week, and time of day.

Idents based around the daily programme strands.

Seasonal idents - these are some summer and Christmas-themed idents.

In-vision continuity continues to be used at various times of day, and comes from the CBeebies House, which relocated to MediaCity along with CBBC in September 2011.

  Our YouTube channel includes a playlist of CBBC and CBeebies idents from 1997-2002 and 2016.


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