Telly Years

In this section, timelines of key dates in broadcasting for each decade.

On this page we look at the 2000s. On other pages, we also look back at sample BBC television and radio schedules from years gone by, with listings from the BBC Genome Project. Pages cover: 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. For the 2010s we have broadcasting dates only.

2000s Timeline

01/01/00 Six additional idents introduced on BBC2
01/01/00 Launch of Artsworld
17/01/00 Talk Radio relaunched as TalkSport
14/02/00 BBC Thames Valley relaunched as BBC Radio Oxford and BBC Radio Berkshire
27/03/00 BBC GLR relaunched as BBC London Live
31/03/00 UK Arena relaunched as UK Drama
03/04/00 BBC Knowledge relaunched as a serious documentary channel
02/05/00 Launch of OneWord on the Digital One multiplex
30/05/00 First edition of Liquid News on BBC Choice
20/06/00 BBC Television output affected by power failure at BBC Television Centre
01/07/00 All commercials now delivered in 16:9 widescreen; ITV presentation now in 16:9
24/07/00 New idents for BBC Choice, all based on the previous 'hearts' ident
01/08/00 ITN News Channel launched
25/08/00 Plans announced to relaunch BBC Choice and BBC Knowledge as BBC3 and BBC4, and to launch two children's channels
15/09/00 Final edition of Breakfast News on BBC1
18/09/00 Community Channel launched
02/10/00 First edition of Breakfast on BBC1 and BBC News 24
02/10/00 All BBC News television output is now in 16:9
13/10/00 Final edition of the Nine O'Clock News
15/10/00 Panorama moved to Sundays on BBC1
16/10/00 Launch of South Today opt-out for Oxfordshire and Spotlight opt-out for the Channel Islands
16/10/00 First edition of the Ten O'Clock News on BBC1
05/11/00 UK Play relaunched as Play UK
14/11/00 BBC Parliament ceases transmitting on DAB
18/01/01 Channel 4's new entertainment channel, E4, launched at 8.15pm
22/01/01 News at Ten reinstated on ITV
04/03/01 IRA bomb exploded outside BBC Television Centre
13/03/01 BBC Text digital text service available to satellite viewers
30/03/01 Closure of the BBC Choice evening opt-outs for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
07/05/01 New idents for UKTV channels
06/07/01 New idents for BBC Choice
11/07/01 ONdigital renamed ITV Digital
16/07/01 Launch of a bi-hourly news service, 60 Seconds, on BBC Choice
11/08/01 ITV renamed ITV1
11/08/01 Launch of the ITV Sport Channel
02/09/01 First edition of South East Today on BBC1
07/09/01 BBC Canada launched
01/10/01 BBC London Live relaunched as BBC London 94.9
01/10/01 First edition of BBC London News on BBC1, replacing Newsroom South East
08/10/01 Look North from Hull launched as an opt-out from the Leeds-based edition
05/11/01 BBC 2W launched, an evening opt-out service on BBC2 Wales digital
05/11/01 UK Food launched
05/11/01 BBC Kids launched in Canada
07/11/01 BBC interactive services re-branded as BBCi
19/11/01 New idents introduced on BBC2
19/11/01 New idents for ITV2
20/11/01 BBC News Interactive multiscreen launched on satellite
20/12/01 Atlantic 252 closes
02/02/02 BBC 5 Live Sports Extra launched at 2.30pm - the BBC's first permanent digital radio-only service
11/02/02 Launch of CBeebies and CBBC channels at 6.00am and 7.00am respectively
25/02/02 Class TV introduced on CBBC channel
28/02/02 The first of 15 community radio stations launches as part of the Access Radio pilot scheme
02/03/02 BBC4 launched at 7.00pm, replacing BBC Knowledge
11/03/02 BBC 6 Music launched at 7.00am
11/03/02 TeamTalk 252 launched
29/03/02 New BBC1 'Rhythm and Movement' idents introduced at 9.00am
23/04/02 Closure of announced
01/05/02 ITV Digital ceases its pay television service on digital terrestrial television
11/05/02 ITV Sport Channel closes
24/05/02 E4 and Film 4 no longer available to ex-ITV Digital subscribers
29/05/02 Final regular edition of Tomorrow's World on BBC1
13/06/02 Bids published for digital terrestrial television licences
04/07/02 Former ITV Digital licences awarded to a consortium led by the BBC and Crown Castle
31/07/02 TeamTalk 252 closes
16/08/02 1Xtra launched at 6.00pm
16/09/02 Channel 5 relaunched as Five; the channel drops its DOG
30/09/02 ITN News Channel relaunched as the ITV News Channel
30/09/02 Play UK closes at midnight
15/10/02 New look for BBC Parliament
16/10/02 BBC Parliament available in quarter-screen on Freeview
28/10/02 New idents and unified ITV1 branding introduced across England and Wales
28/10/02 BBC Asian Network relaunched as a national station on digital radio
30/10/02 Official start of Freeview service on digital terrestrial
30/10/02 UK History launched
11/11/02 BBC Wiltshire Sound relaunched as BBC Radio Wiltshire. BBC Radio Swindon launched as an opt-out of BBC Radio Wiltshire
11/11/02 Look North from Hull relaunched as a full-length, separate programme
15/12/02 BBC 7 launched at 8.00pm
15/01/03 UK Bright Ideas and Ftn launched
09/02/03 Launch of BBC3 at 7.00pm, replacing BBC Choice
10/02/03 First edition of The News Show on BBC3
14/02/03 BBC Radios 1-4 available on Freeview
07/07/03 The News Show on BBC3 renamed The 7 O'Clock News
14/07/03 New idents for ITV2
16/07/03 Final edition of Tomorrow's World (a roadshow) on BBC1
07/10/03 Merger of Granada and Carlton approved, paving the way for a single ITV company
20/10/03 BBC News Interactive multiscreen launched on Freeview
12/11/03 UK G2 launched, replacing UK Gold 2
15/11/03 First Junior Eurovision Song Contest
28/11/03 BBC News output affected by power failure at BBC Television Centre
08/12/03 BBC News 24 relaunched with a new look
29/12/03 The ITC and the Radio Authority replaced by Ofcom
02/02/04 ITV plc formed from the merger of Carlton and Granada
02/02/04 ITV News relaunches, and News at Ten moves to 10.30pm
08/03/04 Prefix of UKTV channels changed from UK to UKTV. UK Horizons replaced by UKTV Documentary and UKTV People
31/03/04 Top Up TV subscription service launched on digital terrestrial
01/04/04 Final edition of Liquid News on BBC3
12/05/04 BBC Media Village opened at White City
29/06/04 The BBC's Building Public Value report proposes four new local radio stations, a local television service, a new television region based in Milton Keynes and an online television media player
01/11/04 New idents for Five
01/11/04 Granada Plus closes at approx 4.30pm. ITV3 launches at 9.00pm
31/12/04 Closure of BBC's Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham
31/12/04 Channel 4 launches new idents
23/02/05 UKTV Style Gardens launched
26/03/05 Doctor Who revived on BBC1
30/03/05 Digital switchover trial in Ferryside
07/05/05 The first community radio licence is awarded to Forest of Dean Radio, already on air since 2002 as part of the Access Radio scheme
16/05/05 New BBC weather graphics launched on BBC1
26/05/05 Capital Radio and GWR groups merge to form GCap
27/05/05 E4 available on Freeview
07/06/05 Jazz FM replaced by Smooth FM
01/08/05 BBC Broadcast sold to Creative Broadcast Services
13/08/05 Launch of E4 Music
03/09/05 BBC Coventry and Warwickshire relaunched
10/09/05 New idents on BBC4
10/10/05 Launch of More4 at 8.00pm
??/10/05 BBC Radio 2 and BBC 6 Music move from Broadcasting House to Western House
31/10/05 Launch of Sky Three at 5.00pm, available on Freeview. Sky Mix renamed Sky Two
01/11/05 Launch of ITV4 at 6.00pm
02/12/05 Final edition of The 7 O'Clock News on BBC3
23/12/05 ITV News Channel closes at 6.00pm
16/01/06 New ITV logo introduced. New idents for ITV1, ITV2 and ITV3
11/03/06 Launch of CITV channel
26/04/06 BBC Programme Catalogue available online
02/05/06 New look for BBC News
15/05/06 BBC HD high definition channel begins on a trial basis
05/06/06 Launch of Channel 4 Radio as an online podcast service
09/06/06 Launch of ITV HD on a trial basis on Telewest cable and on DVB from Crystal Palace
16/06/06 The Regional Radiocommunication Conference at Geneva agrees additional DAB allocations for the UK in Band III between 211.64-216.92 MHz
23/07/06 FilmFour relaunched as Film4; available on Freeview
30/07/06 Final regular edition of Top of the Pops on BBC2
14/08/06 First edition of The One Show on BBC1. The pilot series continues for four weeks
04/09/06 ITV Lunchtime News moved from 12.30pm to 1.30
06/10/06 BBC Prime begins to be phased out in favour of BBC Entertainment
07/10/06 New 'circles' idents for BBC1
15/10/06 Launch of Five Life and Five US at 8.00pm
13/11/06 New idents for ITV1
13/11/06 BBC Parliament available full screen on Freeview
30/11/06 ITV HD trial ends
16/12/06 End of Open University programmes on BBC television
01/01/07 The BBC Trust replaces the Board of Governers
22/01/07 BBC News Interactive multiscreen expands from two screens to four on Freeview
27/01/07 Final edition of Grandstand on BBC1
28/01/07 Final edition of Sunday Grandstand on BBC2
??/02/07 UKTV Style Gardens renamed UKTV Gardens
18/02/07 New 'Window on the World' idents introduced on BBC2
01/01/00 Artsworld relaunched as Sky Arts
28/03/07 Bids published for DAB Digital 2 licence
06/07/07 DAB Digital 2 licence awarded to 4 Digital Group
09/07/07 First edition of The One Show as an ongoing series on BBC1
11/07/07 Launch of international channels BBC Knowledge and BBC Lifestyle
03/08/07 Capital Gold and Classic Gold merge to form Gold
20/08/07 Launch of Channel 4 +1
03/09/07 New look for CBBC
20/09/07 Pacific Quay opens, the first all-digital BBC centre
01/10/07 ftn replaced by Virgin 1
11/10/07 Five reinstates its DOG
15/10/07 UKTV Bright Ideas closed. Dave launched, replacing UKTV G2
18/10/07 The BBC abandons plans for local television on satellite and for new BBC Local Radio stations in Cheshire, Dorset, Somerset and Bradford
20/10/07 Launch of BBC Switch, the BBC's youth brand
14/11/07 Digital switchover trial in Whitehaven
27/11/07 Kangaroo video on demand service announced
01/12/07 Official launch of BBC HD channel on satellite and cable
03/12/07 BBC Somerset Sound relaunched as BBC Somerset
10/12/07 Channel 4 HD launched on Sky
10/12/07 Launch of BBC News summary at 8pm on BBC1
25/12/07 BBC iPlayer officially launched
11/01/08 OneWord closes
14/01/08 News at Ten reinstated at 10.00pm on ITV
12/02/08 BBC3 relaunched
11/03/08 Launch of BBC Arabic television channel
20/03/08 Final day of Class TV on CBBC channel
21/04/08 Relaunch of BBC News. BBC News 24 renamed BBC News channel, BBC World renamed BBC World News
28/04/08 Five Life relaunched as Fiver
06/05/08 Official launch of Freesat, a non-subscription satellite television service
07/06/08 Launch of ITV HD as a full service, on Freesat only
15/08/08 4Music launched, replacing The Hits
19/09/08 Launch of BBC Alba
29/09/08 Virgin Radio relaunched as Absolute Radio
04/10/08 BBC7 renamed BBC Radio 7
07/10/08 Watch launched. UKTV Drama replaced by Alibi. UKTV Gold replaced by GOLD
10/10/08 Channel 4 announces it will abandon its radio project
31/10/08 GCap taken over by Global Radio
06/11/08 Digital switchover process begins with the Selkirk transmitter
21/11/08 The BBC Trust rejects proposals for BBC Local video
11/12/08 Project Canvas video on demand service announced
02/01/09 BBC 2W closed
14/01/09 Launch of BBC Persian Television
26/01/09 UKTV Documentary relaunched as Eden
29/01/09 Closure of Channel 4 Radio online podcast service
30/01/09 4 Digital Group returns licence to Ofcom, having abandoned plans to launch on DAB
04/02/09 Kangaroo video on-demand service blocked by Competition Commission
16/02/09 Five US renamed Five USA
17/02/09 UKTV People relaunched as Blighty
02/03/09 UKTV History relaunched as Yesterday
30/03/09 BBC Southern Counties Radio relaunched as BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey
04/04/09 BBC Radio Wiltshire and BBC Radio Swindon relaunched as BBC Wiltshire
20/04/09 New look for BBC Parliament
30/04/09 UKTV Style relaunched as Home
02/05/09 BBC1 idents refreshed
19/05/09 Really launched, replacing UKTV Gardens
04/06/09 End of E4 Music
16/06/09 BBC2 idents refreshed
22/06/09 UKTV Food relaunched as Good Food
27/10/09 BBC News Interactive multiscreen service closed on Freeview
11/11/09 BBC Prime fully replaced by BBC Entertainment
13/11/09 Channel 4 ceases schools/educational programming
02/12/09 BBC HD and ITV1 HD begin roll-out on Freeview
04/12/09 Launch of Absolute 80s
15/12/09 Closure of Teletext Ltd's news and information service

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