Telly Years

In this section, timelines of key dates in broadcasting for each decade.

On this page we look at the 2010s. On other pages, we also look back at sample BBC television and radio schedules from years gone by, with listings from the BBC Genome Project. Pages cover: 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. For the 2000s we have broadcasting dates only.

2010s Timeline

17/02/10 SeeSaw video on-demand website launched following Arqiva's purchase of the Kangaroo project
02/03/10 BBC Strategy Review published
26/03/10 Final schools programme transmitted in daytime on BBC2
31/03/10 Closure of bilingual (Welsh/English) S4C channel upon the completion of digital switchover in Wales
12/04/10 1Xtra renamed BBC Radio 1Xtra
26/05/10 BBC iPlayer relaunched
30/05/10 Official launch of Freeview HD. Channel 4 HD now available on the service
21/06/10 Launch of Absolute Radio 90s
05/07/10 The BBC Trust rejects proposals to close BBC 6 Music
01/09/10 Vintage TV launched
03/09/10 Virgin 1 renamed Channel One
03/11/10 BBC1 HD launched
11/12/10 Launch of Absolute Radio 00s
18/12/10 Closure of BBC Switch
11/01/11 ITV1 +1 launched
01/02/11 Channel One closed, and replaced on Freeview by Challenge
01/02/11 Sky Atlantic launched
01/02/11 Living TV relaunched as Sky Living
14/02/11 Five relaunched as Channel 5
28/02/11 Sky 3 renamed Pick TV
07/03/11 Fiver relaunched as 5★
27/03/11 BBC World Service closes on 648 MW
31/03/11 Launch of Radio Player
02/04/11 BBC Radio 7 relaunched as BBC Radio 4 Extra
04/04/11 BBC 6 Music renamed BBC Radio 6 Music
15/04/11 Virgin Media's stake in UKTV sold to Scripps Networks Interactive
02/07/11 Coverage of the Wimbledon finals are the BBC's first broadcasts in 3D
06/10/11 The BBC's Delivering Quality First proposals published
28/10/11 SeeSaw video on demand website closed
22/11/11 Launch of Absolute Radio 60s
29/11/11 Launch of Absolute Radio 70s
06/12/11 Launch of Channel 5 +1
23/03/12 Official opening of MediaCityUK
10/04/12 Breakfast relocates to Salford
20/06/12 BBC News Interactive multiscreen service closed on satellite and cable
25/06/12 Global Radio takes over Granada Media Group (GMG)
04/07/12 YouView video on demand service launched
04/07/12 4Seven launched
12/07/12 BBC World Service relocates to Broadcasting House after 71 years at Bush House
25/07/12 BBC Radio 5 Live Olympics Extra opened for the duration of the London games
17/08/12 MW switch-off trials on BBC Radio Lincolnshire and BBC Radio Merseyside until 24/09/12, and on BBC Radio Kent and BBC Radio Nottingham until 12/12
08/10/12 Launch of BBC iPlayer Radio
22/10/12 Final broadcast of Pages from Ceefax on BBC2
23/10/12 Final analogue television broadcast in the UK. Final Ceefax broadcast
30/10/12 MW switch-off trials on BBC Essex and BBC Hereford and Worcester until 06/11/12
14/11/12 All BBC Radio stations simultaneously air Radio Reunited, a 90th anniversary broadcast at 5.33pm
04/12/12 BBC Connected Red Button launched
14/12/12 BBC Radio 1 completes its move from Yalding House to Broadcasting House
21/12/12 CBBC airs on BBC1 for the final time
04/01/13 CBeebies airs on BBC2 for the final time
07/01/13 National evening programme launched on all BBC Local Radio stations
??/01/13 BBC World Service programme archive available online
14/01/13 New ITV logo introduced. ITV1 renamed ITV; new idents; DOG introduced. New idents for ITV2, ITV3, ITV4. New look for ITV News
15/03/13 Final Six O'Clock News from BBC Television Centre
18/03/13 Final BBC News broadcast from BBC Television Centre. BBC News moves to Broadcasting House
26/03/13 BBC2 HD launched, replacing BBC HD
31/03/13 Official closure of BBC Television Centre
05/07/13 Blighty closed
08/07/13 Drama launched
01/10/13 New idents for BBC3
30/10/13 Closure of Top Up TV
26/11/13 Launch of Estuary TV begins roll-out of local television services
26/11/13 Roll-out begins of COM 7 multiplex
10/12/13 HD versions of BBC3, BBC4, BBC News, CBBC and CBeebies launched
04/02/14 Channel 5 +24 launched
06/03/14 Plans to close BBC3 as a broadcast channel announced
11/03/14 BBC iPlayer relaunched
19/03/14 Launch of BBC iWonder website
31/03/14 Launch of London Live local television channel
23/04/14 BBC London available on Freeview
28/04/14 First edition of Good Morning Britain on ITV
08/05/14 BBC Radio 2 Eurovision on air for four days
09/06/14 Launch of ITV Encore
09/07/14 Beginning of phased reintroduction of 1991-2001 BBC2 idents
03/08/14 Launch of international channel BBC First
11/08/14 Completion of phased reintroduction of 1991-2001 BBC2 idents
13/09/14 New idents for CBBC
08/10/14 Launch of ITVBe
15/10/14 BBC Genome project available online
10/11/14 Launch of BBC Radio 1 iPlayer channel
17/11/14 MW switch-off trials on BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Surrey and BBC Sussex until 05/12/14
24/11/14 MW switch-off trials on BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Wiltshire until 12/12/14
04/12/14 S4C available on BBC iPlayer
09/01/15 Local DAB build-out plans announced - 182 new transmitter sites
26/01/15 MW switch-off trials on BBC Radio Bristol for two weeks
29/01/15 Bids published for DAB Digital 2 licence
01/02/15 Launch of international channels BBC Earth and BBC Brit
03/03/15 Nine further BBC Local Radio stations available on Freeview
05/03/15 BBC Radio 2 Country on air for four days
27/03/15 DAB Digital 2 licence awarded to Sound Digital
21/05/15 BBC Radio 2 Eurovision on air for four days
30/06/15 BBC Trust announces preliminary conclusions on the future of BBC3; plans for BBC1 +1 rejected
10/07/15 Radio 1's chart show moves from Sunday to Friday
24/07/15 Final broadcasts of the BBC Learning Zone on BBC2
31/07/15 Launch of first experimental DAB minimux in Brighton
04/09/15 Future of the BBC report published
21/09/15 XFM relaunched as Radio X
29/09/15 Channel 4 launches new idents
06/10/15 BBC London 94.9 renamed BBC Radio London
05/11/15 Launch of BBC Store
12/11/15 BBC Music Jazz on air for four days
23/11/15 ITV Player relaunched as ITV Hub
26/11/15 BBC Trust approves plans to close BBC3 as a broadcast channel
09/12/15 Sussex Coast DAB multiplex expands to cover the whole county
04/01/16 New idents for BBC3
04/01/16 Channel 4 launches online world drama channel, Walter Presents
11/01/16 BBC Ten O'Clock News extended by five minutes
11/02/16 New idents and logo for Channel 5. 5★ restyled 5Star with new idents and logo. New idents for 5 USA
15/02/16 Watch relaunched as W
16/02/16 BBC3 channel officially closed and becomes an online brand only, though limited overnight broadcasts continue
29/02/16 Launch of Sound Digital national DAB multiplex
29/02/16 Heart Extra launched
14/03/16 New logo and idents for CBBC
15/03/16 TalkSport 2 launched
21/03/16 TalkRadio launched
30/03/16 Virgin Radio relaunched
31/03/16 Final overnight broadcasts on BBC3
11/04/16 CBBC extends hours to 9.00pm
14/04/16 BBC Radio 2 50s on air for four days
29/04/16 Formation of BBC Studios
04/05/16 Channel 5 HD available on Freeview
06/06/16 Main roll-out of BBC Local Radio stations on Freeview commences
10/08/16 Channel 5 +24 replaced by My5
19/09/16 BBC Radio Cymru Mwy pop-up station launches
10/10/16 New look for BBC Parliament
23/11/16 BBC Radio Scotland Music Extra on air for seven days
01/01/17 New 'Oneness' idents introduced on BBC1
05/07/17 Channel 4 introduces a DOG on its SD service
30/09/17 BBC Radio 1 Vintage on air for three days
31/10/17 Channel 4 launches new idents
01/11/17 Closure of BBC Store
03/01/18 Beginning of cessation of some BBC Local Radio MW transmissions
29/01/18 BBC Radio Cymru 2 launched
06/02/18 MeteoGroup takes over BBC weather forecasts, with new graphics
13/02/18 My5 replaced by 5 Select
06/03/18 UKTV co-owner Scripps Networks Interactive acquired by Discovery
03/04/18 BBC Studios and BBC Worldwide merge. The new company takes the BBC Studios name
23/04/18 Look East from Cambridge relaunched as a separate, full-length programme
01/05/18 Closure of ITV Encore
28/06/18 End of BBC School Radio broadcasts on Radio 4 digital
27/09/18 New 'curve' idents introduced on BBC2
27/09/18 Channel 4 rebrands its spin-off channels; new idents for E4
24/10/18 Most BBC Radio 3 FM transmitters in Wales reallocated to BBC Radio Wales
28/10/18 Launch of BBC Sounds
17/02/19 BBC2 Scotland ceases
24/02/19 Launch of BBC Scotland channel
04/03/19 BBC Ten O'Clock News shortened by five minutes. BBC3 strand introduced on BBC1 three nights a week at 10.35
04/03/19 Launch of Scala Radio
24/02/19 Deal announced to split up the UKTV network between BBC Studios and Discovery
11/06/19 UKTV network officially split
24/06/19 BBC Radio Glastonbury online for eight days
15/07/19 Reith font introduced across BBC News output. BBC London News retitled BBC London
12/09/19 Good Food closes
26/09/19 BBC Radio 2 Beatles on air for four days
07/11/19 Launch of BritBox streaming service in the UK

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