Hey you guys! Have you heard about the 'internet' that's recently become quite popular? (Well you must have done, because you're looking at it right now!) So if you're looking to make the big move into 'Cyberspace', then look no further than Mike's Manic Web Services! Having recently learnt how to use a computer, experienced web designer Mike the Manic Web Designer will be all too pleased to design a quality web site to represent you or your organisation!

Did you know, once it's on line, your web site could be seen by anyone in the ENTIRE WORLD!!! It's truly international! The sky is quite literally the limit!! (Not sure if you can get the internet in space!)

Just call our hotline now on 07700 900936 to discuss specifications! Any colour you like (bit like Henry Ford!) and any font you like (as long as it's on our computer)! It's all up to you!

We promise that no detail will be overlooked! Just call our hotline now on 07700 900936 and we will be all too delighted to make you an offer you can't refuse! (See below for pricing structure).


If you're still not convinced, take a look below at some of the fantastic web sites that Mike's Manic Web Services has already designed for his clients! (More to come!)



"Groovy!" - Dickie the Vicar

"With my new high quality web site that the incomparable Mike's Manic Web Services designed for me for a virtually insignificant sum, I can now reach all my customers, as long as they've got a computer" - ***invent name to put here***

"What's the 'internet'?" - Des Wednesday (Sorry Des, I just had to put that in!!!)


Web Design
Web design services start at a trifling 725 + VAT for a single page web site, with 300 + VAT for each additional page! It's a steal! (Discounts are available if a Ford Capri is included in your purchase).

Web Hosting
Bowled over by the superb web site that Mike's Manic Web Services has just designed for you, but now looking for a host? Well, for a mere 1575 + VAT per year, Mike's Manic Web Services will do that for you as well! (And when we say 'host', we don't mean like a host of a quiz show, just to make that clear!)

Come into the 21st century today, with Mike's Manic Web Services!

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