Greetings, pop pickers! Des Wednesday here! (Not Alan Freeman, just in case you were confused!) Did you know, people are always coming up to me in the street and saying to me, "Hey Des, what are your All-Time Top Ten records?" Well, now thanks to the international internet, I can at last now reveal what I think are the ten best records ever released!! (Even to those who didn't ask me!!)

With over 32 years of recorded music to choose from, it was an incredibly difficult task to whittle my list down to exactly ten songs, but finally, I've managed it! So here, at last, is the definitive rundown of my All-Time Top Ten records - however if you asked me again tomorrow I might come up with a completely different list! (But please don't ask me again tomorrow, it was enough hassle making this web page on one occasion, especially with Mike the Manic Mechanic's 'help').

10 RUSS ABBOT - 'Atmosphere'

Who doesn't love a party? (Well, apart from Mick, obviously!) Russ Abbot loves parties that have a happy atmosphere, which is a coincidence because so do I! No one will disagree that this is ultimate party track to play at a party with a happy atmosphere! And if it doesn't have a happy atmosphere then it soon will once you've put this record on!

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9 (joint) SIR TERRY WOGAN - 'The Floral Dance'

We all miss him, of course, but who realised that the world's greatest broadcaster could also have been the world's greatest singer! As was proved when this classic track rocketed all the way up to number 21 in the Pop Charts! In the end, Sir Terry made the difficult choice to pursue broadcasting as his career, and the world of music is all the poorer for that!

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9 (joint) FIVE STAR - 'Can't Wait Another Minute'

That fellow off 'Saturday Super Swap Shop' got it all wrong, didn't he! Five Star are renowned for bringing us some of the finest music the world has ever seen (or heard, rather!) Matt Bianco, on the other hand...

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8 MATT BIANCO - 'Wap Bam Boogie'

Which one was Matt, by the way, was it the lady?

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In the light of recent revelations, I regret that I have had to remove Number 7 from my All-Time Top Ten.

6 SHAKY AND BONNY - 'A Rocking Good Way'

Some people may be surprised to learn that I'm a rocker at heart, which means I'm a great lover of rock music! Oh yes, I can rock with the best of them, and what better track to rock out to than this fantastic rock track by Shaky and Bonny?

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5 (joint) THE PROCLAIMERS - 'Letter from Amarillo'

More Scotsmen! This one's not in my Top Ten because of the song, which I hate, but because of that bit in the video where Ronnie Corbett falls over!!!

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5 (joint) THE CULTURE CLUB - 'The War Song'

Some people have commented that my Top Ten is dominated by male artists, so in answer to that, here is that fantastic song by The Culture Club in which they sing about how 'War is Stupid'. My thoughts exactly! (Apart from a Tug of War!!)

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5 (joint) THE 'GRANGE HILL' GANG - 'Just Say No'

I couldn't do my All-Time Top Ten without including one of the most important songs in music history, which, unsurprisingly, features in most people's All-Time Top Tens. On the face of it, it's a lighthearted, fun track, but look a little deeper and you'll see that it's actually delivering an important message to the young people in our society. But just what is it we are supposed to 'say no' to? We'll probably never know...

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4 PAUL NICHOLAS - 'Dancing with the Captain'

Time for something more modern now, and just to show that I'm not some old fuddy-duddy and that I'm down with 'da kids', here's proof that I'm a massive fan of dance music! This is a track that's never off the turntable at any self-respecting rave club!

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3 (joint) The Theme Tune to 'Going for Gold'

I don't think this was ever released as a single? And if not, why not!

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3 (joint) PAUL NICHOLAS - 'Reggae Like It Used to Be'

Demonstrating that my love of music encompasses a wide variety of genres, here's probably the greatest reggae track ever recorded!

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2 THE QUEEN - 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

For a while in 1988 this was overtaken as my second favourite song by Bros's 'I Owe You Nothing', however this has now slumped to number 11, therefore is now outside my Top Ten, leaving Her Majesty to resign supreme once again (well, almost!)

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1 A TRIBE OF TOFFS - 'John Kettley is a Weatherman'

Need I say more?

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