Society for the Investigation and Meaningful Pursuance of Life Extra Terrestrial, Organised Near Surbiton

Hey you guys! It's nearly Christmas, the time that our thoughts naturally turn towards UFOs and aliens! So what better time to join a brand new society - SIMPLETONS!

Experts belive that at any one time, there are over 20,000 UFOs flying in UK airspace, so chances are high that most of them contain intelligent alien lifeforms! So it's only a matter of time before one of them touches down on the ground!

Using the latest in cutting edge computer technology, SIMPLETONS will track down those UFOs and will guarantee you are among the very first to have a 'close encounter' - with real aliens!

Aliens are coming for you, so join SIMPLETONS and get them first before they get you! Remember, an alien spaceship could land at any time, even at Christmas!

You might even find yourself with some extra visitors joining you for Christmas dinner - some little green men (and women too!) Imagine that, you'd be the talk of the town! So join SIMPLETONS today to ensure you don't miss out!

Places are limited, as the society requires exactly 24 members - no more, no less - to function correctly, so don't delay! Call our hotline now on 07700 900936, and join SIMPLETONS today!


1. Membership numbers must not rise above or fall below 24 at any time.

2. Incoming club secretaries must serve a minimum of two weeks in the post. (The founding member is exempt from this rule).

3. All club equipment remains the property of the founding member, even in the highly unlikely event of his resignation. This includes any alien equipment that may be acquired during the course of society activities, in case there's any chance he might be able to sell it for a reasonable sum on eBay.


Tonight at 7.30 at St Malcolm's Church Hall (as long as Dickie the Vicar has cleared his record decks out the way). Don't be late!


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This is a fictional website created as part of Des and Mick Online. The Society for the Investigation and Meaningful Pursuance of Life Extra Terrestrial, Organised Near Surbiton does not actually exist, and the hotline is a fake number, so sorry about that.