alrite mate its yer old m8 wayne here this is a webb site 4 my new bisniss wayne woofers did u make the miss take of buying a dogy + then rember that ur 2 bizzy 2 take it 4 walks + that cos your 2 bizzy doing other stuff like watching the telly or playing cards or snooker or going 2 work or watching eastenders so u aint got time 2 walk ur doggy well never fear cos wayne is here 2 save the day with my new bissniz waynes wooffers i will walk ur dogys 4 a very competivtie comptive cometpitive cheep price see below 4 pricing structer i will walk them down any street u like except ravenswood street cos big barry bigworth lives down there + he lent me a fiver last week + i aint payed him back yet so anyway all sounds good yeah well if u want waynes woofers 2 walk ur dogys 4 u just give us a call or send us a text + then hopefully i can make lots of money oh yeah by the way i can also cleen ur windows 4 u as well if u want yeah any way see u l8er yeah bye


open every day monday 2 friday except friday also saterdays + sundays except sundays also not thursday


10p for 1 dog
20p for 2 dogs
30p for 3 dogs
40p for 4 dogs
SPESHUL OFFER!!!!!! 50p for 5 dogs


"waynes woofers is rubish" - mr wilkinson

"we will never use waynes woofers agan - we r still on the look-out 4 our fido + r offering a 500 reward 4 his safe return" - mr + mrs johnson

"avoid at all costs - he lent my rover to another man apparently named des who for some inexpciable inxeplblce inexplicball strange reeson took him all the way 2 a motor racing festival insted of just walking him round the block like i asked" - mrs wiggins

"this unlisenced dog walker is currantly under police investigashun" - pc plod

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Des and Mick Online. Wayne's Woofers is not a real dog walking service and will not walk your dog for you at any price. Sorry!